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New posts

Russian Federation

Caption Contest, 26th July
Summer is great time for funny pictures.
What do you think about this one? Waiting for your creative ideas!

25 Jul 2014

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Microsoft clipart
Dear all,

Is it ok to use Microsoft clipart in worksheets we upload here? Since the work is in .doc form, I suppose we assume that all users have access to licensed Microsoft software. Is it breaking the site ┤s copyright rules to use Microsoft ┤s images?  Thank you.

25 Jul 2014

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Have a look at their terms of use.

25 Jul 2014

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13 to 15 years old students from Morocco are looking for schoolsvto start penfriendship and cultural projects with (2014/2015).

25 Jul 2014



25 Jul 2014

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United Kingdom

Great for teaching EAL
I think studying animated films where there is no talking is an excellent way of teaching English. Everyone understands and everyone gets the jokes and you can write wss - or download them. Try ┤Bernard The bear ┤ - I think he ┤s a French bear and Pingu. Totally adult humour, as well!

And get rid of the spammers...

25 Jul 2014

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I love Pingu also!
I often use Mr Bean cartoon... hilarious, my students simply adore it! From time to time I show them Pink panther also. Lots of fun!LOL

25 Jul 2014

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Dear colleagues, What is the most fun and educational animated motion picture you have used in your lessons?

25 Jul 2014

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Russian Federation

Peppa Pig is a wonderful series for kids of any age.

Gogo loves English  is a very simple educative series for young kids.

25 Jul 2014

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to get rid of the troll
hate trolls!

25 Jul 2014

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United States

TESOL France Annual Colloqium
Hi All,
The next TESOL France annual Colloqium takes place in Paris is in November--I HIGHLY recommend it. I participated for the first time last year and it FAR exceeded all of my expectations.  It was  very nice to be able to speak (and play) with other English teachers--many of us are lone bastions at our jobs with no true "colleagues" in the area--this event brings many of us together and makes it both fun and informative. Thanks to MontyPython (aka Marie) for introducing me to it and helping me feel so comfortable while there.

TESOL France Annual Colloquium

The plenary speakers at this year ┤s colloquium, TESOL France ┤s major annual event, will be Stephen Krashen and Carol Read. The colloquium will be held in Paris, France at TÚlÚcom ParisTech on November 14, 15 and 16, 2014. We are welcoming talks and poster sessions from all English Language Teaching fields. If you are interested in submitting a paper, you ┤ll find the guidelines and submission form on the Colloquium 2014 page.

TESOL France Homepage:
Hope to see some of you there (it ┤s not expensive either),

25 Jul 2014

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United States

Caption Contest Winner July 25, 2014
I know it was up for only a short period, but I am about to enter a week of vacation and my not be back online for a week or two.
So the winning caption for this picture
is: "Poor banana has committed suicide"
Congratulations to Julia Karaban for winning the contest, now it ┤s your turn to select a picture.

25 Jul 2014

Russian Federation

Thank you, Douglas! Tomorrow I ┤ll add a new pic!

25 Jul 2014

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Peter Hardy

Stop that spamming
Those spammers gave me an idea. Maybe I should spam my boss? Have a nice weekend, Peter

25 Jul 2014

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Peter Hardy

How to block spammers?
Instead of answering Joy2Bill ┤s post, I do my bit to get rid of those annoying spam messages. Made me wonder, though, if Victor is the only one who can delete those messages and terminate the membership of those idiots. We all know he ┤s a busy guy, so, just as an idea, could other members i.e. moderators assist him in this task? Cheers, Peter.

25 Jul 2014

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New worksheets

Present simple (I)
Keys included.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-16
Downloads: 80

This worksheet is part of an identity project. It has a song, some activities all related to the idea of who I am, and how can we define ourselves.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 11

Present simple negative
Keys included.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-16
Downloads: 65

This is a task that can be achieved if you read the book. It
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
Downloads: 5

Multiple choice test
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Downloads: 7

Bruno Mars Treasure lyrics
This is a "fill in the gaps" activity where the students can read the lyrics and complete the missing words listening to the song.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-100
Downloads: 6

Information Gap Activity
This is a pair work sheet. Two students have different information of work sheets. They have to make conversation to complete the tasks. Use the top of white box as conversation tool.
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-17
Downloads: 53


Level: elementary
Age: 7-10
Downloads: 33

healthy habits matching
this is a little matching about healthy habits or actions that chindren do everyday
Level: elementary
Age: 3-10
Downloads: 18

Peter and the Wolf

Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 17