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Dear colleagues, 
there is something we would like to share with all of you. 

It is the project called Inner Giant, dedicated to anti-bullying in all its forms (school, work, family). Our colleague Frank Letras (franknbea) started it in our little eslprintables teacher ´s cafe, and soon enough, about 40 people, teachers, educators and artists, gathered from all over the world to create an ebook, the proceeds of which will go to an anti-bullying charity. 

Most of the contributors are from eslprintables. We wrote stories (inspired by real events and personal experiences), poems, songs, essays, worksheets, project ideas, legacy messages, made illustrations and art photos... All aimed at inspiring people to talk about the problem, to listen, and to do something about it - to find their own inner giant or help others find theirs. We would all like to thank Victor for his support, and invite you to share this post, the news about this project, to maybe get the e-book for yourself. If you get the book, please do share a positive review on the purchase site. Thank you to all the wonderful people who selflessly shared their talent and free time to realize this project, as well as to all of you who choose to support our efforts. 

(also available on local amazon sites in the UK, Canada, etc.)

18 May 2015

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Congartulations to all of you dearest friends. Fabulous work. 

21 May 2015

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Pronounced e at the end ....   
Hi dear friends 
   i need a list of the words that have pronounced e at the end  like { recipe ......
best regards  

21 May 2015


Well, this is not a list; just two that sprung to mind:
Also the plural of latin words  ending in "a"
eg. amoebae 

22 May 2015

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I cannot send a printable    
I ´m newbie here and I need help. I ´ve just signed in; Therefore I do ´nt have point and can not downloads until I send something. However, every time I try to send a printable an error accour. Is that temporary? Are there other ways for me to send my files?
Thanks for any help.

21 May 2015


 Welcome to ESL Prinatbles!
Read the instructions and check that you are sending the correct type of Word file, and that the size is not too large.

21 May 2015

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United Kingdom

Caption Competition Redux   
Caption Comp...one more day
 Previous entries here:

21 May 2015

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Doubt on some and any - please help me   
Hello, I am confused...
Which is the correct question???
- Would you like any money?
- Would you loke some money?
--- In my opinion, when I use would together with like, it classifies an offer, so ... I should use some, but... 

21 May 2015

United States

Both are correct, but their meanings aren ´t quite the same.

In questions, the difference between "some" and "any" is in whether you expect a positive or negative answer.

Would you like some money?      This anticipates a positive answer.
Would you like any money?         This anticipates a negative answer, or the asker doesn´t know what to expect.
Do we have (some) pickles?   anticipates a positive answer.
Do we have any pickles?   anticipates a negative answer.
Can I get you something to drink?    (probably yes)
Can I get you anything to drink?       (probably no)
Oh, and I would like some money, please. 

21 May 2015

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skills 5    
 good evening  everybody , I hope you ´ll help me in this issue 
making inference 
Identifying the referents for pronoun
 analyzing the written information 
understanding the information not explicit stated
identifying the word meaning 
what are  the questions represent  these skills ?
 when I begin to read I thought they were all followed  the analyzing the written information skill because students  have to read and analyze the information to understand , classify,  and guess  till they get  the answer .  when I continue my readings   I became confused ;  these skills are part of making inference skill not analyzing . I sometimes feel they are the same and sometimes they are  different . May you help me in my confusion by giving examples ?
waiting your help 

21 May 2015

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Teaching short answers with songs   
Hello dearest friends,
I am looking for songs to teach simple present short answers? Any ideas? Thanks!!!

21 May 2015

Czech Republic


21 May 2015

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Andreia Henrique

Books for 14 year old boy   
Hello dear friends,
can someone please tell me which books should I buy for my American 14 year old nephew?
His birthday is coming and I still haven ´t decided.
thank you for your help,

21 May 2015

maryse peyé

Lord of the Flies by William Golding
If he is a fluent reader and if he loves adventure, here is a very good story about orphans due to the sinking of their ship... 

21 May 2015

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Costa Rica

How does he look like?   
I am a little bit confused about the use of this question, I don´t know if it is grammatically correct, or if it is better to say "What does he look like?". Please can you tell me which one is correct?

21 May 2015


"What does he look like?"  is definitely the right option.
Although, one could say:
"It is amazing how he looks like his father!"
, but that ´s a different story, I guess! 

21 May 2015

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... for almost everything or anything?   
Dear colleagues,
 a student has written: everyone uses technology for almost everything
I have the feeling he should have written "for almost anything" instead.  What do you think?
Thank you!!

21 May 2015

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Thanks Bruce for the examples. If we elaborate on them, as in: 

 1. At that store you can buy everything you need, but not anything. 
2. At that store you can buy anything you need, but not everything. 

 Do we get: 
1. All the things you now need can be found in that store. Its variety of products, however, is limited. 
2. The range of goods in that shop is unlimited. However, you can ´t possibly afford to buy all of them. 




22 May 2015

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What´s Up! Small Talk Activity
Students practice conversation and small talk skills while speaking to three different classmates and then, recording on the worksheet what was discussed. This worksheet can be used as a reminder for students about appropriate small talk topics of conversation or a get-to-know-you activity.
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
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Pronouns for students to choose and write from Berenstein bears text ´Bears in the Night´.
Level: elementary
Age: 6-7
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First and Second Conditionals
A little practice focusing on the first and second conditionals with multiple exercise types.
Level: intermediate
Age: 13-100
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Algorithm for reading years
An easy way to make your students understand how to read years in English. Hope you find it useful!
Level: elementary
Age: 10-100
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Personal information
How to introduce themselves... I.D.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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Listening. MLABEC
Students watch a 3-minute video: https://www. youtube.com/watch?v= bWe1mXcCRQE&index=15 &list=PL_yxwKHiceSoI 9zhjVbld9ioe7vyA6JCT In the video, there´s an expert talking about Argentinian´s most famous wine, Malbec.Students listen and fill in the blanks.
Level: intermediate
Age: 18-100
Downloads: 1

I´m a believer
a nice song for kids
Level: elementary
Age: 8-11
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footgolf reading and worksheet. I hope other people will find this useful.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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Reported Verbs

Level: avanzado
Age: 11-100
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