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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantástica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 años.
Léela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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Hello guys!
I ´m writing an abstract and I would like to get  your help! It only has some parts of the abstract.
I ´d like to know if the sentences bellow are right,mainly the prepositions!
Thanks in advance! 
 "The teaching of the science should be seen as the building of the knowledge to the realtionship of the action and reflection in its context....
"It was stipulated several educational strategies such as the  field trips, educational communication and practices that the students identified characteristcs and living creatures of the marrine system.....
"It brought benefits to the educational practice and the environmental education to the city they live in.

26 Jun 2016

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Bruce has done a great job but just like him, the first sentence doesn ´t make much sense to me.
Since we both speak Portuguese, please send me the first sentence in Portuguese by PM and I will see what I can do about it! 

27 Jun 2016

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S O S   
Hello Friends.  Are these sentences correct?

5. mountain climbing

4. go horse riding

3. go skiing

2. go shopping

1. go running

1 . I like going running
2. I like going  shopping
3. I like going skiing 
4. I like going horse riding 
5. I like going mountain climbing 

26 Jun 2016

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I always think that "horseback riding" sounds tautological. What other part of the horse would you ride? ;)

27 Jun 2016

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Could you check whether these sentences are correct?
There ´s no point in spending time on this exercise.   OF  This exercise ... time. ???
I ´d rather book tickets than wait in a queue.   PREFER  I ... prefer booking tickets to waiting ... in a queue.  (I have always taught my students that the structure used in the given sentence is used to express specific preference while the one in the rephrased sentence to express general preference. Hence, both sentences wouldn ´t mean the same)
Don ´t do any work for the next days.   EASY  Just ... take it easy ... for the next few days.
Did you enjoy the party?  GOOD  Did you .. have a good time ... at the party?
The milk jug is almost empty.  ANY  There is .. almost any milk left .. in the jug.  (would "hardly any" be correct?)
Please don ´t speak so loudly.   LOWER  Would you ... mind to lower your voice..., please? ( but we say "Do you mind lowering your voice" if I am not wrong.)
Helen asked me the price of admission to the gallery.   MUCH  Helen asked me ... how much does it cost ... to get into the gallery. (would "did" instead of "do" be correct?)
They sold the house for more than they paid for it.   PROFIT   They ... made a profit on / out of selling... the house.
 Thanks in advance. 

25 Jun 2016

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1. John has his sights set on being an airline pilot.
2. I ....talked mum into letting... me go to the concert.
3.I always make a point of being on time. 
I ... can ´t help laughing at ... his jokes. ( NOT with - we laugh with somebody, at jokes)
5.  He has chosen the worst possible time to fix the roof. / This is the worst possible time for him to have chosen to fix the roof.
6.I regret ... how much I paid ... for these shoes.
7.He ´ll get around to fixing the door one day. 
8. The painters will have finished painting the house by Saturday.  

27 Jun 2016

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United States

WOD contest   
Thank you Manuhk for choosing my daffinition.  
So, calling all wordsmythes, lexicon jockeys, and logophiles, to conjure up a wacky definition for the new word of the day:
´Quockerwodger ´

24 Jun 2016

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colloquial term for constipation caused by eating large amounts of oatmeal.

27 Jun 2016

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LIKE + verb   
can you please tell me the difference between the following sentences?
- I like cooking.
- I like to cook.
Thanks a lot.

24 Jun 2016

United States

The difference is very small. In general, the present participle (especially when used in the continuous tenses) emphasizes a process over time. So here, "I like cooking" gives a picture of me enjoying the activity, and spending time doing it. "I like to cook" is a more factual statement, without giving much of a picture.
I hope this clears it up some.


24 Jun 2016

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Abstract revision- civil engineering   

 Dear friends,

Once again I come to you for help. My son ´s girlfriend is writing her thesis on civil engineering and asked me to translate the Abstract as she has to subdue the whole thing next week. Would you be so king and revise it for me, please? It ´s a rather difficult subject, a field where I don ´t feel comfortable at all. 
Thank you so much in advance
PS. Tabique walls are a Portuguese type of partition walls 
Elisabete Gomes 

Tabique walls are walls made of wood and are rather common in old buildings which should be regarded, for the sake of this dissertation, as buildings which withhold typically resistant walls of stone masonry and wooden floors, built using traditional techniques and local materials. Though they are mostly partition walls, they frequently act structurally both because of the characteristics of the buildings and the time-related degradation of structural elements. An example may be tabique walls transversally positioned under the beams of a pavement which, due to degradation and/or fluidity, ends up leaning on those walls, conferring them structural functions.

Not only on account of these reasons but also because they are part of a rather valuable technical, material and cultural building process it is very important to learn about the mechanical and performance characteristics of these walls in order to guarantee their safety and promote their preservation in a sustained way in building rehabilitation.

The target of this thesis is to enhance the knowledge of the mechanical characteristics of tabique walls and more specifically to evaluate the experimental behaviour of these reduced thickness wooden walls when subject to horizontal actions, thus assessing their role in the performance of the constructions where they exist. Therefore, it begins with the characterization of two types of tabique walls particularly abundant in old buildings in Portugal: simple and double tabique walls, i.e., with a line of vertical planks or with a second line of diagonal planks overlapping the former. Afterwards, a testing campaign to the cut in the plane with constant compression on a set of 4 types of simple tabique walls and 4 of double tabique, representative of 8 full-scale walls without plaster coating. These walls had been previously submitted to simple compression tests as part of another trial.

Analysing the outcome enabled not only achieving the ultimate objective of the thesis, in other words, understanding the cut performance of tried types of tabique walls, but also calibrating a numerical model built by other subjects for behaviour simulation of these walls to simple compression and to horizontal actions.

KEYWORDS: Rehabilitation, Tabique construction, Partition walls, Experimental behaviour, Shear

24 Jun 2016

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United States

I agree with Mary. They are engineers (or something similar) more than authors.

25 Jun 2016

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Signature in pictures   
Too many posts - no search option! Sorry for posting if this has already been posted.
No pictures with watermarks are allowed, but what about pictures with signatures ?
This would obviously violate the rules, but:
Would the last one also violate them, given that there is a signature next to the picture? 
I like to add comic strips to my worksheets, and have lots more to post, but am worried that my pictures may go against the rules. 

24 Jun 2016

...There are 3 previous answers...


Hey Stellina,
thanks for the websites! I don ´t always find the clipart images I need in these websites, and often use strips and copyrighted images, while always acknowledging the source. But will keep the websites in mind :) 

25 Jun 2016

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United States

New Caption Contest (for Manuhk)   
Apparently Manuhk is having problems uploading her Caption Contest Pic, so here it is:
It ´s all yours from here Manuela.

24 Jun 2016

...There are 7 previous answers...

Hong Kong

There were some wonderful captions, hence it was difficult to choose......  

The winner is: Jayho 
I loved all that froggy talk LOL

27 Jun 2016

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Video interpretation classes   
Hey guys can you please help me out, I would like to know if you know a website or anything that contains videos for classes with interpretation, activities based on the video, something like that, and videos for beginners, can you recommend me anything?

23 Jun 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...



25 Jun 2016

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No access to some contributions   
 Dear friends and colleagues,
I may be doing something wrong but I have tried several times to have access to some contributions, with no avail. When selected the display is the general section page. An example:
Title: High Tech Devices ´ Boardgame by member TINAJA. When I click on it, it goes straight to the general section under the name Boardgame Worksheets.
Weird, isn ´t it?
Could somebody help me out? This has happened to me a lot lately.
 Very thankful for your interest. 

23 Jun 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...


I appreciate your being so helpful - all of you, dear friends and colleagues.

27 Jun 2016

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