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Penpals needed!   
I have a number of students, aged 14 to 16, who are willing to exchange letters, cultural boxes ... They are beginners but very enthusiastic to discover new cultures. If you are interested, please let me know. 

24 Nov 2017

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What do the highlighted words mean in this context?   
What do the highlighted words mean in this context?
You say you never compromise With the mystery tramp, but now you realize
He’s not selling any alibis
As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes
And say, “Do you want to make a deal?” 
From "like a rolling stone" song.
Thanks in advance 

24 Nov 2017

United Kingdom

The mysterious tramp is an outsider/outlaw ( homeless person, itinerant) who lives on the fringes of society and who refuses to apologize for who he is or to make excuses (an alibi being some kind of proof of somebody ´s innocence).
However, this is all pretty subjective but, judging by the language and context, that ´s what I think Bob is trying to say in this song. 
Wonderful song, by the way. 

24 Nov 2017

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7th and 8th listening CD   
hi everyone
could you please send me the listening CD for 7th and 8th year in audio files....it ´s urgent 
on my email: fawzydridi@gmail.fr 

23 Nov 2017


Hi .Check your e-mail box,  I have just sent them to you. Have a nice day.

24 Nov 2017

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"this", "that" or either?   
Hello peeps,
A  question that has been bugging me for years:
In the following extract of an open cloze is "this", "that" or either the correct answer?
"...(a narration of an incident of a shark attack)... Other shark experts were unsurprised by the incident. They felt that something like _____________ was bound to happen."
If there is a difference in British and US English, please state it, too.
Much obliged.

23 Nov 2017

...There are 4 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Dear Lynne (Cunliffe),
"...(a narration of an incident of a shark attack)... Other shark experts were unsurprised by the incident. They felt that something like _____________ was bound to happen." 

Lynne, I ´m really pleased that we have your expertise here.
But, I ´m surprised that your assumption is that this is ´a written report ´.
According to the OED:
Narrate: ´Give a spoken or written account of something ´. 
Narration: noun, derived from narrate. 
A narrative is ´a spoken or written account ... of a story ´. ´The practice or art of telling stories ´.
´A narrator ´ a person who narrates something, especially a character who recounts the events of a novel or narrative poem ´. 
´A person who delivers a commentary accompanying a film, broadcast, piece of music, etc ´.
Also, why do you say, ´an attack which happened a while ago ´? How do you know that? And why do you say, ´they are discussing it now ´? How do you know that?
Zoi could have written, 
"Other shark experts were unsurprised by the incident which happened last year."
"They felt at the time that something like that was bound to happen!"
I entirely agree, that ´the shark experts were unsurprisED and they FELT ... ´ indicate that the incident happened in the PAST.
But EVERY action that ´happened ´, even those that ´happened ´ one second ago, are PAST actions, not PRESENT actions.
If I saw a shark attack a man, swallow the dead man, and then swim away, I would shout immediately: "Oh! That was terrible!"
Because the action is finished, done, ended ... I cannot reverse or alter it. THAT is the end of the matter! It is PAST.
But, if I saw a shark attack a man, bite the man, and then drag him under the water as he screamed, I would shout : "Oh! This is terrible! What can we do to save him?"
Because the action is NOT finished, there is still hope for the man! THIS is what I am thinking! It is a PRESENT situation.
And at this point, I agree with you, Lynne:

Standing on the shore, with the other life-savers, I would say:
"We ´ve warned the authorities for years about the dangers of sharks. We ´ve all felt that something like THIS incident we ´ve just witnessed, was bound to happen!"
Best Wishes.

24 Nov 2017

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ideas for english club!   
Hello dear colleagues,
Any smart ideas for smart and enjoying activities for a school english club!
The students are beginners; 14 _ 15 years old; middle school and 1rst level of english!
Please be many to suggest  :-)
Thanks in advance.

23 Nov 2017


Dear Laila,
Have you checked the Forum for ideas?
Good luck!

23 Nov 2017

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looking for penpals   
hello dear teachers,
I am teaching junior high students ages 12-14 years old. looking for penpals for my motivated students.
 your students will have penpals from Israel. if you are interested please send me an email 

23 Nov 2017


dear balkee
I am Ildefonso Areiza, a junior high shcool english teacher and masters student at the Antiiquia State University in Medllin, Clolombia. I am looking for a responsible and motivated coopearative teacher to do a thesis project based on cooperative learning via CALL ( Computer Assisted Language Learning). CALL could be blogs, skype, e-mail or any program to connect via internet.
I have 40 junior high school students ages 12-14 they are all from the same reagion and speak only Spanish as a mother tongue.
let me know if you are interested.
My whatsapp is 574 31445575684

24 Nov 2017

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United Kingdom

Top resources   
I found a great ppt on here today.The House: where is Emily? An all time favourite of mine is this one by gourkhan and if I ´d paid that fellow 10p every time I ´ve used this ppt, he would be able to retire a wealthy man! http://www.eslprintables.com/powerpoint.asp?id=42938#thetop
Would anyone like to share their favourite resources?

23 Nov 2017

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

That ´s a pleasure, sunshinenikki! @ monique, yes, the foose clock is great!

24 Nov 2017

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United States

Business Journey?   
Hi All,
 Yesterday I corrected a student and told him that, though not incorrect, it is not common to say "business journey". It is more common to say "business trip". After thinking about it, I got to wondering if it wasn ´t a BrE AmE thing. So here is my question:
Is "business journey" commonly used in any part of the English speaking world?

23 Nov 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

Thanks you all, you confirmed my thoughts and suspicions. :)

I decided to go with this line of thought (partially plagiarized):

“A trip is along the lines of something done for fun/leisure or business, it’s usually quicker and more routine than a journey.

A journey is more like the Lord of the Rings, it usually implies difficult moments, perseverance, and growth.”

23 Nov 2017

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Antonio Oliver

My beloved conditionals   
Hi fellow teachers,
After so many years struggling to teach the rules of Grammar, I must now seek assistance from experts like you. Please look at this multiple choice question:

I have a test in the next class. Luckily, I have studied. If I ……… I ……… nervous.
a::) study - wouldn’t be
b::) am studying - haven’t felt
c::) studied - will not feel
d::) have studied - don’t get

My Answer Key says d) is correct. The other options are really bizarre, all right. But d) doesn ´t sound good to me. Perhaps if it said "Because I have studied...?
All help welcome! 
Many thanks

22 Nov 2017

...There are 2 previous answers...

Antonio Oliver

Thanks Bruce & Laminator!

22 Nov 2017

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Caption Contest 21/11/17   
Thank you, Spinney, for choosing my caption. I was pleasantly surprised! 
Here´s the new picture. Old and new members, experienced or not - everyone is welcome to join in. Let´s make each other smile! Let´s have fun together! Let´s try!? Why not?


21 Nov 2017

...There are 13 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Yes Bruno, you really are as sick as a dog. 

24 Nov 2017

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