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New posts


Hi there,
Would it be correct / natural to say: "Watching TV takes a lot of time away from my / me studying"? Or would it be better to say "... takes a lot of my studying time away" or "... eats up a lot of my study time"? My student wanted to convey this idea but I couldn īt give a solid way of expressing this idea. Thanks in advance.   

27 Apr 2017


I would say one of the following:
- Watching TV eats into my study time. (This makes it sound like they are equally important and you don īt have enough time to do both.)
- Watching TV distracts me from studying.
- I don īt have enough time to study because I waste too much time watching TV.

27 Apr 2017

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United States

Help with survey (English for kids teachers)   
Hi everyone!

I would love your help with a survey. I īm working on a project and would like to do some research with which I could use your help. If you could fill out a survey for me, I would really appreciate it! Since I know, you are all busy, especially now at the end of the year  ...
As a thank you, I īm drawing a winner among the participants who I will send  a wide range of material to use in your kids classes
(hundreds of pages of games, worksheets etc - you can have a look at them when clicking on the survey. A link is provided, so you can check if it īs worth it for you ;) ).

Here is the link for the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8TFHPBN

Thank you very much <3 and have a wonderful Thursday!


27 Apr 2017

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United States

Thank you all <3 You īre answers are so helpful!!! Thanks so much for taking your time!! I really appreciate it.

27 Apr 2017

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Return engagement    
"it īs me, live and in stereo. No return engagement, no encore. And this time absolutely no requests." Context: it īs about a girl who let audios in tapes before dying. The fragment above is the dead girl speaking. (13 reasons why) What does return engagement and Encore mean?

26 Apr 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...


Yes, that īs exactly right. And the reason it was appropriate for this girl to use it -- she was leaving tapes, a little bit like performing. So, she īs saying that this is her last performance. There will be no more after this.

"live and in stereo" is also a reference to performing --- a long time ago, when television technology was not very advanced, if a performer was "live" (not taped to show at a later date) and "in stereo" (very high quality sound) it was a really big deal, impressive, and the television broadcasters would advertise this a lot because it meant they were very advanced in the technology of that time.            

26 Apr 2017

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How do I edit an answer key on liveworksheets?   
Hello again,
I realize that the answer key to my Past Perfect worksheet is wrong.  Anyone know how I can fix it?
Kohai?  Victor?

26 Apr 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...


I did it!  Thank you!

26 Apr 2017

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English exam - Selectividad   
Preparing a girl for selectividad English... is the format new this year? I have a lot of old examples, but should I be looking for new materials (if so, any ideas where)? Thanks! 

25 Apr 2017

...There are 2 previous answers...


I īm from Andalucía and I have the new instructions and format. Send me your email

26 Apr 2017

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English blogs by ESL students   
Hello everyone!
I wanted to show you a new project  I am hosting at the institute I work. 
It originated by the need of better writing from the students. They have problems with thinking what to write, and they usually don īt do their homework when it comes to writing because they find it too difficult. That īs why we created two blogs (more to come) where they haveto upload their own productions. This way, they want to do the homework because it envolves a computer, and showing everyone what they īve done.
I share this websites to encourage you to do the same with your students! If you like the idea, follow us!
I īd like to know your thoughts about this project. 

25 Apr 2017


Hi, congratulations. I think this is a great project and your students will improve writing quickly. With such a project they can see how important it is to be able to communicate in English.

26 Apr 2017

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United States

Caption contest   
Thank you Falafel for choosing my caption for the last contest.  This sloth is my selection for the new competition. All are welcome to post a caption. I am looking forward to your witty captions.

25 Apr 2017

...There are 9 previous answers...

United Kingdom


¯¯"Cuddle up a little closer, Baby mine.¯
    ¯Cuddle up, and be my my little Clinging Vine!"¯ 

26 Apr 2017

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Caption picture Competition winner   
Hi everyone. The winner of the caption competition is redcarnarocruiser. Waiting for your post.  Have a nice day.

United States

They don īt perform on demand.

25 Apr 2017

United States

Thank you, Falafel!  I am honored. I will post asap.

25 Apr 2017

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flora botanica

please would any tunisian english teacher send me the listening script of lesson 34 (social problems) I couldnt find it thanks :)

25 Apr 2017

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Czech Republic

GRAMMAR UP - free download   
http://www.engames.eu/grammar-up-book-for-free/Download for free my book GRAMMAR UP. This book advocates a new holistic approach to grammar. You can print and use this book in your classes in any way you like. http://www.engames.eu/grammar-up-book-for-free/

24 Apr 2017

...There are 10 previous answers...


Thank you!

26 Apr 2017

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test comprehension
i wish it would be useful
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This worksheet is appropriate for beginners students in order to identify classroom objects and using the these and those correctly, I hope kids enjoy it. Have fun!!!!!!
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Possessive adjectives practice
An easy activity to practise some possessives (my, his, her)
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I can hardly keep my eyes open

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Family members
Templateof a hat for the "baby shark" song. Song for family members.(Templates vary by color and some extra features included in the worksheet; itīs designed to be printed in a normal sheet of paper and colored as desired, but in poster board will work as well. Elastic string would be needed to keep it in place. hope you like it). Songīs Youtube l...
Level: elementary
Age: 4-6
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