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Oral exam, dialogue, monologue, mediation   
Hi there,
I would like to help a student prepare for an oral test (Realschule). It would be great if I could get some hints on where to look. It is gonna be a monologue, dialogue and a mediation. Thanks 

19 Apr 2015

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Vocabulary questions   

Hi there,

Last week I stumbled on this website while trying to find new stuff for my clases. I was amazed  and today I ve decided to register. I m a newby with the internet and I just can handle with the basic things. I admit I m a bit of a technophobe despite my age - I m 25. Anyway, I d like to say hello to everyone and ask you some vocabulary related questions which I haven t been able to look up in the dictionary.
 First, does anyone happen to know if there is an idiom in English to express that something is very unlikely to happen? One of my advanced students asked me some days ago and I couldn t give him an answer. In Spanish we say "When pigs fly".
Second, is there any other coloquial expression smilar to "What a drag"? Whenever i tell my students they have to do something and they don t feel like it, they tend to say that expression. Could they say "what a nuisance" instead?
Third, In Spain some workers may be given some time off their work -  a year or two- so as to get a language certificate, needed to continue working in their posts. In Spanish this idea is lexicalized, "liberar" What about English? I told my student this could be expressed saying "be given some time off work" I couldn t think of any other way.In some dictionaries it is said "be freed", which I don t find to be natural at all.
Thanks for your time and assistance. 

19 Apr 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...

maryse pey

What about the GAP YEAR for the year you will attend a language course ?

19 Apr 2015

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Looking for teachers from Israel for a project    
Hi everybody! My class has been assigned Israel for the end of year Culture Fair. My class(teens aged between 14 to 17 old)would love to have someone from Israel who could share some first hand information about the country. As the theme for the Culture Fair is going to be Hanukkah my class would love to have someone who could help us.Thank you for your help in advance! Regards! . Jess

18 Apr 2015


how may i help?


**look up a worksheet i sent in on holidays around the world 
there is a page on hannukkah 

19 Apr 2015

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Looking for a Pen pal for my student (12 years old)   
I m teaching an 11-year-old boy, Joaquín,  and I m looking for a pen pal. My student is really bright and would love to exchange e-mails with a boy or girl of his age (11/12 years old).
I also have another class with two girls with 12/13 years old, Antonia and María, and I think It would be a great idea for them too!
So, anybody interested in e-mails exchange with them just let me know and we ll coordinate a first contact via e-mail.
My students are , of course, from Argentina. 

18 Apr 2015



I m writing from Poland. I also have some students aged 10-13 who are interested in sending e-mails to other students around the world. It would be great to know somebody from Argentina. If you are interested, contact me on my private e-mail  matuszaka@o2.pl

I can t wait to see your reply!



19 Apr 2015

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song about reading   
  Hi everybody
I d like to use a song about reading in  elementary school classes.  I would really appreciate it if you could suggest one.

18 Apr 2015

United States

What about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psby0mI6ZLY&index=5&list=RDh5F5Kdc1UVA

18 Apr 2015

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What would you do if you are stuck in another country and you don t know English?
Great video for a conversation class. Check it on YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIuP3ibuVOI (trailer)

18 Apr 2015

Russian Federation

Thank you for sharing

18 Apr 2015

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Vokis - speaking avatars   
Hi there, fellow teachers!
I recently came across a new tool which can be a very good help in class, for listening exercises.
One of the common problems we sometimes have is that we easily find a listening exercise on the topic we need, but the language level is not adequate to our students. Creating a Voki (a speaking avatar) can help solve that problem, because we may create the text ourselves and then have it spoken by another voice, with the voice (male / female) and accent we  choose.
It just takes registering in   www.voki.com   and then creating the speaking avatar is very easy (I have a few in my personal area); other languages besides English are also available there (but I haven t tried them, so I don t know how they sound).
Just click on the link below (or copy-paste it to another window, I don´t really know how it goes) to be redirected to Sylvia Voki, the avatar I created (with an Indian accent) to show you how they go (I gave her a British accent, but others are also available there):


The only problem about Vokis is that they only work online - as far as I know, one cannot download them to a flashdrive to use them whenever there is no available Internet connection.

18 Apr 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...

Russian Federation

I han known about Voki for 2 years, but never used it. You were so convincing that I created my Voki account and going to have a go with it. Thank you.

19 Apr 2015

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Video E-Friend Request   
Dear Friends,
I am an ESL English teacher searching for other teachers around the world to have shared cultural experience with our students. my students seem to have low confidence in using their language skills since they haven t had much interactions with people or students from other countries. so i was thinking if we could record some short videos from our classrooms and students and send each other to make a cultural and language bridge between them. 
if you  are interested, you can contact me via my personal e-mail: p_parvin@yahoo.com
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

18 Apr 2015

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fatma najoua

need help   
i m looking for a listening about any star real character and favourite pastimes thanks a lot.

18 Apr 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...


Just in case you don t come accoss a listening that suits you, have you considered creating the listening file yourself? Using a speaking avatar to do so (a Voki) is pretty simple and it helps you adapt the level and contents of the istening exercise to your specific audience.
It just takes registering in
www. voki.com
and then you can create and customize the speaking avatar you wish (be it a person, an animal) and then voice it (i.e., give it a voice - recording a voice, uploading an audio file you already have or just typing the text you to be heard); accents can also be chosen.
I ll try show what Vokis are about in a new post to our forum, so that everyone can see waht they are all about and listen to them.

18 Apr 2015

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Other day, a colleague of mine here in China asked why this sentence is incorrect:
                                                                        "You mustn t be away until I come back."
Off the top of my head, I didn t have a real good answer...It was a paygrade up for me...So upon a little research my reply became because only a punctual verb would anticipate a punctual action...but I wasn t convinced with my explanation.
Any  thoughts?  

17 Apr 2015

...There are 7 previous answers...


"Be away"  is a phrasal verb..."Be" can be both stative and dynamic...(i.e.) "He is being good"....but not  "He is being away."

19 Apr 2015

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