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article about the importance of extra teaching materials   
Hi everybody, I need some help and –unfortunately- as quick as possible. I asked the English department chair ´s for academic release time (due to some health problems) offering him to elaborate teaching material as the one on this web site. He agreed under the condition, that I give him a short written justification, stating why supplemental materials are beneficial for ESl learners supported by quotes from ESL articles. I already searched the internet for information, but haven’t been very successful. Does anybody know about such articles? Your help will be much appreciated.

30 Oct 2014

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Australia worksheet    
hey everyone .. just inviting you to check my Australia worksheet and if it needs any modifying ..Im all up to suggestions .. thank you 

30 Oct 2014


All About Australia 
Information and activities about Australia 
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Type: worksheet

30 Oct 2014

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Male or female?   
Hi colleagues,

How will you refer to the world ( female or male/he or she) in a play where Earth/our planet is a character? Thanks

30 Oct 2014

...There are 6 previous answers...

United States

Most belief systems that anthropomorphize the earth do assign it the female gender. The one exception that I can think of is ancient Egyptian mythology, which had the earth as masculine and the sky as feminine.

30 Oct 2014

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here is the link of an interesting video on the dangers of social networks.   

30 Oct 2014

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I HAVE A PROJECT!! I am looking for a teacher together with his/her students.   
Hi, everyone.My project is a little bit different. Please, check this website.


Briefly, it is a game but indeed not a game. You are born with your avatars, you start to live there. You can trip the countries, you can shop, you can get education, you can teach etc. I want to make our students meet in Second Life, we will chat, speak English.It will be great fun. If you are interested, please write me soon. Thank you.

30 Oct 2014

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Hi friends,
I need a power point which contains a view and steps of describing the view from far to near or vice versa. Thanks in advance.

30 Oct 2014

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Pen pals needed for 24 8th graders   
Hi everyone! I am an English teacher in Israel. I have been doing the pen pal project for the last three years. Some of the classes I worked with really enjoyed it and I think it ´s time to do it again this year. I decided to do it only with one of the classes I am teaching- the 8th graders. I would like someone who can commit to this project with his class from now until June 20. I would like the other class to start as I still organizing everything. I want to try to sent and receive at least 4 letters. I have 24 students. I have a lot of boys who love football. Please let me know if you are interested. I don ´t want a class that does it with other countries at the same Time because then it doesn ´t work well. This is why I chose only one class to do it with. Thanks Ravit

30 Oct 2014

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Hi all!
Yesterday I and my students had a discussion about an idion which is ´to be on fire´. I taught it a few days ago but the problem is I wasn´t aware that it had another meaning like being very attravtive actually just like I am hot. You know it also means to be very good at something. Does it sound weird if I say it to a native speaker? Or which meaning is more common?

Thanks a lot

30 Oct 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

Elo´s  "term that people use when someone is doing great and they are unable to be stopped"
probably describes it the best.
The confusion, I think, is when people say: "She´s so hot, she´s on fire." which is actually just a play on the "she´s hot" idiom.
Saying "she´s on fire" often implies attractive these days, but that is not really correct use of the idiom.
Languages change though, so listen to the children I say.
Note: personally, I have also seen this idiom used when refering to someone being extremely enthusiastic about something.

30 Oct 2014

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Is it correct?
We hardly did expect the forthcoming danger.

30 Oct 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

Inverted word order for a declarative sentence is correct, but sounds literary. We might use it in speaking if telling a story, but only because it sounds literary.

Maryse is correct.


30 Oct 2014

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Russian Federation

Chemist OR Pharmacist?   
Dear colleagues,
what ´s the difference between the two words - chemist (as someone working in a pharmacy, not a scientist) and pharmacist?
Are they complete synonyms?
Or perhaps there ´s a difference in their education - college and university?
Please help,

30 Oct 2014

...There are 5 previous answers...


In Canada, "pharmacist" or even "druggist"(not as common but it is used)... A chemist would be the scientist. 

30 Oct 2014

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