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lyrics of a song    
i found this song entitled fairy party. but i couldn ´t find its lyrics. i tried to write the words on my own but some words are unclear to me. can you help me with the lyrics. the link of the song is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1-quS72Rpc

20 Jan 2017

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Help with an expression    
Hi...I need your help! I have a doubt with an expression. A few days ago a friend posted on Facebook that she was getting the tickets for a concert and somebody replied saying ´I ´m down like a puffy jacket! ´ What ´s the meaning of that expression? I can ´t get it!!! 😕 Thanks for your help in advance. Regards!

19 Jan 2017

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Heh heh heh!
When you say put me down for two tickets, that means "sign me up, I ´m going to buy."
There are also jackets that have goose down (the soft feathers).  The down makes the jacket puffy.
So when she says I ´m down like a puffy jacket.  She means she is definitely going to buy tickets.
Get it? 

20 Jan 2017

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If conversation questions   
Hello teachers! One doubt, yesterday I uploaded a PPT about If conditional questions and up to now I have 31 pts but now it is not showed in the printables of today to download for free. It is not a copy, I have other similar but the questions are different. What can I do??? Thanks! ☺

19 Jan 2017

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simple question about memory sticks!!!   
Hi , there , just a very simple question to native speakers. For a memory stick what word do you usually use? Memery stick? USB Flashdrive   or even USB key? Thanks for answering this very simple question and enjoy your day, hugs Sylvie

19 Jan 2017

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Many thanks for all your answers guys!! Thanks for the link Redcamarocruiser! You are all treasure ressources!!( I don ´t know if that expression exists by the way.) Hugs from freezing Normandy!:)Sylvie

19 Jan 2017

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trucks and logistic   
Hi everyone !
i ´m looking for worksheets on trucks and logistics as i ´m about to teach in a vocational school next month!
Thanks for any help!

19 Jan 2017

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With annoying regularity, I ´ll try to upload a ppt and it will tell me I have exceeded the 3 MB limit. However, when I check the size on my saved file, it tells me I am under 3 MB.  I generally have to shave it down to around 2.75-ish to get the system to accept it.  
Does this happen to anybody else? If not, what am I doing wrong? It doesn ´t sound like much, but sometimes that 0.25 can be the difference in really nice ppt vs. one that ´s just meh,,,,,,
Thanks! (My OCD-ness is showing. Can you tell?)  

18 Jan 2017

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Subjects in British schools   

Hi there!


I ´m working with my year 7 pupils on timetables in British schools, and I ´m not sure how to explain some subjects to my pupils.
Could some British people explain to me what "Art and Design" is? How is it different from just Art? 
 I ´m not sure either what Design Technology is? 
And what about "Religious Education" or "Religious Studies"? Does it exist in all school and what is taught to the pupils in this class?
Finally what does "Home Economics" consist in? 
Thank you if you can help me!

18 Jan 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

I´d like to point out (again!) that there´s no single British education system. I´m not as familiar with the situation in England and Wales as I am with the Scottish system, but I believe we have a much broader range of core subjects – theoretically – to choose from, especially in the early years of secondary school. RE is usually timetabled in non-denominational schools as RME (Religious and Moral Education) or even RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies). As far as Home Economics is concerned, although the name is retained here, it long ago cast off its traditional gender stereotype as something less-academically inclined girls were encouraged to do (boys would do woodwork or something similarly manly) and now encompasses, among other things, health and food technology, hospitality and catering, as well as cookery skills.
Here´s some background information, with relevant links, from the British Council on the different systems in the UK:

20 Jan 2017

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How to challenge best achievers?   
Hi dear colleagues,
In every class , there are 2 or 3 students who are really top achievers.Whenever the teacher gives them a task they are the first to finish whereas the other students are still struggling to answer the questions. so  I ´d like to know some challenging activities that I can assign to my best achievers.Can you suggest some activities please ? I was thinking of crossword puzzles. Do you know a website for this type of games? thanks in advance.

18 Jan 2017

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United States


19 Jan 2017

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vitamin t

worksheets about bakery, patisserie, pastry, bread, baking for ADULT learners   
Hi everyone,
I ´m Tanja and I teach at a German vocational school for professions related to cooking and baking. My students are mainly teenagers or adults in their early twenties who are training to be pastry chefs. Do you have any nice worksheets or other ideas for this target group?
Thanks so much

18 Jan 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...


Here are some ideas if stds are int or above:
1. Using the glossary at this site, stds in pairs create a vocabulary wall / activity card set / ppt by finding googling images to match each word
2. Stds research a famous pastry chef and prepare a short talk for the class. For example, many would be surprised to learn that  Ho Chi Minh was a pastry chef on a liner
3. In pairs, stds choose a country and then google the a famous pastry chef for that country and prepare a short presentation about that person

19 Jan 2017

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United States

Last Call for the Caption Contest (January 16-?, 2017)   
Hi All,
You ´ve already given me some good laughs, but here ´s a chance for a few more before I choose a winner:

18 Jan 2017

...There are 9 previous answers...


Haha Minka - the app surely takes the ´toil ´ out of cleaning the toilet

19 Jan 2017

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