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We ´re looking for E-PALS   
Hi everyone :)
This year I ´ve got a prep class. I think that having a e-pal from another counrty will help them to improve thier english and also they ´ll be very happy. If you are interested, please send me a message.
They are 32 students in the 5th grade. They are good students. We live in Ýzmir, Turkey.
I hope you are interested :) 

1 Dec 2015

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help me   

If you want to look for a job, the first thing you should do is to ask your friends, family and former colleagues if they know any job (24) in your area of interest. You can also check the help-wanted section of your local newspaper. Trade magazines and smaller community newspapers often public job openings as well. Many websites post job opportunities. You can not only use websites (25) main purpose is to provide job listings, but also search the sites of professional associations in your field and sites of businesses you would like to work for. These sites often have a web page devoted (26) job openings. Much like a trade show, a job fair brings prospective employees together in one place. You can talk to representatives from several different companies all on the (27) day. Job fairs are often listed in the newspaper, in the job section. Look into job placement services in your area. They offer many services, including career counseling, (28) ...........to find job opening and a place where you can work. Otherwise, businesses specializing in job placement services are often listed in the phone box.


Question 24: A. centers B. places C. opportunities D. requirements

Question 25: A. which B. how C. when D. whose

Question 26: A. in B. on C. for D. to

Question 27: A. other B. different C. same D. good

Question 28: A. resources B. tendencies C. basis D. styles

I was wondering if you could help me to fill in the blank (28). I couldn ´t find the answer there

1 Dec 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

I also wonder if
job placement services are often listed in the phone box.
is a typo?
I guess you might find adverts like that in a phone box but the ones I have seen are not for job placement. Perhaps ´phone book ´ was intended? You don ´t actually see many phone boxes nowadays. I think most of my students would assume a phone box is the packaging your smartphone arrives in. :-)

1 Dec 2015

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Relative Pronouns   
Hello to all of you,
Can you please help me with adding a relative pronoun to the following sentence and tell me why it is used.
Sara and I both of ____________ are your sisters, love you .
Thanks and have a wonderful day

1 Dec 2015

...There are 4 previous answers...


Pretty clear :)
I don ´t teach it either, as it isn ´t really used in oral speech.

1 Dec 2015

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United States

Constant Errors when uploading powerpoints   
I have a plethora of powerpoints I have made while working as a teacher in China.  I am trying to upload them but I am consistently getting error messages.  I am trying to share but the website won ´t let me...   any suggestions?  They are all less than 3mb

30 Nov 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...


Could you tell us what the error message says?
And a hint:
If you are uploading a file with  .pptx extension, try converting it into ppt and uploading again,
sometimes saving a file in the old format solves the issue.

1 Dec 2015

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Hello! :D Do you know how to record a Newsround programme on the Internet?    
Hello teachers 
I have a little question. Actually I would like to record a Newsround programme to create activities about it. But the problem is that on their website, you can only use the daily report. Do you how to record videos from websites on .avi format? 
Thank you very much and have a nice evening 

30 Nov 2015

United Kingdom

Hi Beatriz,
I sent you a PM with an idea that may help.

1 Dec 2015

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Hi everybody!
I am marking exams  and I have got a question in the following rewrite:
1. Do you want to eat out tonight?
Would ...........................................?
I wanted my students to write: Would you like to eat out tonight?, but some of therm have written: 
Would you eat out tonight? 
Shall I give them half a point? a point? I want to be fair.

30 Nov 2015

...There are 6 previous answers...

United Kingdom

She ´d probably say "Drat, I didn ´t think of that answer! Now I ´ll have to issue a supplementary note to all the examiners for that mark scheme!"
For international tests, questions like that are pre-tested so you are less likely to get unexpected responses that are not on the mark scheme, but if you are writing a test in-house, we are all human, we have limited time and we can ´t think of all the ingenious possibilities that go through our students ´ minds :-p

1 Dec 2015

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Goreti Ponte

Listening test for beginners   
Hi everybody!
Is there anyone who can send me a listening test about sports and free time activities? It has to be a very simple one since it is for a beginners class.
I´m having problems in finding material to prepare the test  myself since I have been teaching  intermediate and advanced level classes for more than 20 years.
Hope you can help me because I ´m feeling really stressed with  this situation.
Best regards

30 Nov 2015

...There are 4 previous answers...


Hi, Goreti and folks!
A good way to deal with this sort of situation is if we create our listening exercises oursellves. I know it sounds complicated, but it isn ´t - just try to create a Voki (in   www.voki.com       ), and you will never feel this constraint again.
To find out what a Voki is and of how they work, take a look here:
Hope it helps - even if not now (it may come a bit too late), maybe in a near future!

30 Nov 2015

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Russian Federation

Video grammar presentations for ESL teachers    

Hello guys.

If you are interested, there are some new videos with grammar presentations here:

Get used to, be used to


Present Continuous — be going to for predictions based on real evidence:


Present Perfect for visible results at present:


Present Perfect


Past Simple — affirmative sentences:


Hope you will find them useful!

Take care and have a great day!

Empire of English

30 Nov 2015

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Dear colleagues!
 In the following sentences, would you consider only one option, or accept more than one and why?
1. Life expectancy has increased but new disease are always popping up. (is it possible to accept "yet"?)
2. Cloning may be dangerous, yet geneticists won ´t give up. (is it possible to accept "but"?)
Thanks a lot!

29 Nov 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...


Thanks so much to both of you!

29 Nov 2015

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fce exam and job satisfaction or earn a good salary text   
Hi there,
hope you have all have a nice weekend. I wonder whether there is any techer who knows or who corrects FCE exams who may answer to my question. When writing the essay is it compulsory to write any title for it? If so, should it be the same question given in the exam or a different one? There seems to be no agreement on this matter as different publishers claim different things. As for when writing an article, they must add a heading to it, as it is one of the features of this piece of writing. However, can they use the one given in the exercise or should they make up their own one.? Are they severily penalized for these?
Does anyone knowwhere i could find an article or text over job satisfaction or earning a good salary? It must be fce level.
thanks a lot in advance for your time and help. 

29 Nov 2015


Hi Pedro,
Guessing from the official Cambridge mateials like the Handbook where they publish sample scrips with examiners comments and marks and my own experience, giving an essay or an article a title is an advantage (i.e. it ´s going to make an even more positive impression on the examiner) but probably not a must. However, all of the high-scoring texts had titles. The titles were own creations of the author, since the tasks were formulated as questions or extended instructions rather than something conscise and catchy that could apply.
Just in case have a look at www.cambridgeenglish.org  to see sample writing papers :-)

1 Dec 2015

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