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New posts


Hi! Is Liveworksheets.com free?   
Has anyone tried it already?

21 Sep 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...



21 Sep 2017

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Good morning,
Is there any English teacher who works with primary children (6 years)?I
Has anybody help me with how to work listening activities on the first course of  primary ?
I have to complete a memory about it and I have some doubts. I īm thinking about a song (for instance " Itsy Bitsy Spider" song) and some questions about it, or complete a text with pictograms, or even complete the song with pictures.
May be you can help me with another song or text.
Thanks in advance
Have a nice day. 

21 Sep 2017

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book investment   
Hi there,
I īm in charge of purchasing some extra books this year in the language academy I work for. I īve been surfing the net and I wonder if any of you have already used or bought these books and could tell me whether they are good investment or not.
* Timesaver for exams Writing for First (FCE) 2015 edition ; Timesaver for exams Listening for First (FCE) 2015 edition ;  Advanced Writing Levels C1 & C2, 2015 edition, Global ELT. This last book looks terrific but can īt find any websites where to get it from. 
Thanks for your help.  

21 Sep 2017


Hi Pedro,
I have Timesaver for exams Writing for First (also Reading and Use that you weren īt asking about ;-) and in my view it īs a pretty good book. It practises all forms of writing needed at FCE and various aspects of it e.g. when covering essays there are 6 activities devoted to it on various topics ranging from work, through transport, Facebook, crime to celebrities. The activities focus on expressing opinions and giving reasons, writing an introduction, writing a conclusion, choosing an appriopriate register, planning: giving contrasting points of view, reporting trends. At the end there are First and First for Schools exam tasks. In my view, this book makes a great supplementary, despite the fact that it īs not exactly a game format which I like the most. 
BTW I īm of a similar opinion of the Reading and Use book, but I don īt have the Listening one.
hope that helps  

21 Sep 2017

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Antonio Oliver

Word docs compatibility   
Hi all,
After installing Word 2013 in my PC a few days ago I noticed that some worksheets change layout when uploaded to the site. In some cases, text boxes & other features even disappear. The most noticeable problem is your words seem to be crammed together, with no blank spaces between them, that is
Is this happening to you? The solution is simple; when you finish creating your doc...
> go to FILE (top left corner) 
> choose a folder
> on the window that opens, select the WORD 97-2003 option (or similar) in the document TYPE tab
> If you had already saved the doc in a more recent Word format, you just have to re-name it,
Hope that helps,

20 Sep 2017


I didn īt know about this problem. Thanks for sharing a solution!

21 Sep 2017

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ppt upload problem   
Dear friends,
As I am new to this website, please forgive me if the question I īm asking is kind of stupid. :))
I intended to upload a ppt presentation on future tense but the warning said it had to be a doc or docx file; so I converted it online. And now it says that the file is too large.
I īd appreciate if someone could tell me how to upload ppts!!!  I īve been working on it for about 2 hours, have an early lesson tomorrow and I am about to go crazy. 
So many thanks in advance,

20 Sep 2017

...There are 2 previous answers...

Antonio Oliver

Hi Ezgikep,
Kohai has already answered -as helpful as usual!
If it īs any consolation, that has happened to me several times, even after learning that there are 2 different ways to upload Word and PowerPoint!

21 Sep 2017

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middle school rules document   
Hi! I īm looking for a document ( Reading/audio/video) dealing with  middle school rules to revise   MUST/MUSN īT/ CAN - and eventually introduce Allowed / forbidden. for my 12- year- old pupils.(authentic if possible!) (A1+ / A2 level). Do you have any  suggestions ? Thanks in advance and have a nice day!!

20 Sep 2017


I have a powerpoint with classroom rules using must or mustn īt.
Going to pm you. 

20 Sep 2017

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Looking for ESL penpals (students 12-13 years old)   
Hi teachers,
I would like to practice "realia" writing with my students. I have around 90 students from 12-13 years old.
We can start sending a poscard/letter with personal information and each term we can work with a different subject to go on with the writing practice (Christmas differences, regional food, summer holidays, ...).
If you are interested, please send me a private message.

20 Sep 2017

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I īm looking for an audio file : Roald Dahl explaining how he creates interesting creatures. I know that it is a document used in the book "So English 5č"  CD 1 track 14 but I don ī t have it.  Does anyone have it?

19 Sep 2017

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Ask a stupid question Day   
I received an email from Pearson with an idea that I think is quite interesting for students of all levels.
Here is the link to it.

19 Sep 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...

United Kingdom

Love it, thank you!

19 Sep 2017

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online exercices for kids   
Can somebody recomend a webside to reforce english vocabulary like numbers,colours, body parts and others. Playing online.
Thank you!!!

18 Sep 2017

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

Post removed by administrator. Avoid spam, please!!

21 Sep 2017

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