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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantstica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 aos.
Lela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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locked out.. all of a sudden   
Hi dear colleagues
Can anyone help me get my username and my own page back... All of a sudden I was locked out and no access to my account is possible.
this is the message I get when I try to log in:"                    
                   There was an error. More than one account was found with that email.* 
I tried and tried, but in vain..
                                                     my username is "mtlaili" 
 what can I do? Could you help?

5 May 2016

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story board /comic strip creator   
Dear colleagues,
Could you help me by suggesting a free story board or comic strip creator for pupils
Thanks in advance. 

5 May 2016

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Can you identify the following words?   
For fun!
What are the words behind the following definitions? Who answers first?

To leave a place quickly because you are in danger or afraid

Spoken or written in strict privacy or secrecy 

The hard part of a bird’s mouth

To expect something or prepare for it before it happens

To regularly travel between work and home

To give money, food, clothes, organs in order to help

To show objects like paintings and sculptures in public

A person who is allowed to practice law

To start an important activity or project

Unable to talk

5 May 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...


 My contribution:
in confidence (confidential) 
A bird has a beak. Water birds have bills.
To be proactive
to commute
to donate 
to exhibit
lawyer, solicitor, barrister
to launch, to embark on

5 May 2016

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Russian Federation

videos with grammar presentations for ESL teachers (tips)   
1) Must have + Past Participle for making deduction about the past
2) Ideas for teaching the Third Conditional
3) Time-filler to practise Gerund ( Simon s problems )
4) Have to/Has to
5) Don t have to/Doesn t have to
6) Mustn t for prohibition
7) Must for deduction
8) Regrets about the past (wish + past perfect)
9) Future Simple for spontaneous decisions 
10) Past Simple for actions in the past 

5 May 2016


Thank you very much for sharing! 

5 May 2016

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Speaking Jar   
Speaking Jar is my idea how to encourage students to speak. try it!

5 May 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...

alien boy

 Nice idea, thanks for sharing it.


Have a good day!

5 May 2016

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Korea, South

Would you give me your opinion about this question?   
This is one of English questions in a school. I am not sure what the answer is, so I would like to ask this question to many teachers.
Q: Which underlined one refers to the different thing compared with other 4 underlined ones?

The ( A ) Know-it-alls wondered how things had turned out so differently in (B) their two lands.

(C) Their leaders came forward and asked the Find-it-outs

how each person could be so different but still live a good life.

The Find-it-outs smiled and said,

"Oh! We have a simple way of living and teaching.

If we don t know the answer,

we ask a question and find it."

Now the Know-it-alls realized

that there were a lot more things in the world that (D) they did not know of.

And it helped to ask questions and share knowledge.

Asking questions didn t mean (E) they were foolish or slow to learn ;

it meant they were becoming smarter.

They promised never to build a wall again between the two lands.


5 May 2016

...There are 5 previous answers...

Korea, South

Thank you so much! Every teacher s comment really helped me understand this question and its quality. I appreciate all of comments.

5 May 2016

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Concerning my yesterday ws "jenny in the Provence"   
I noticed with horror some typos or mistakes or whatever you call them. I clearly remember correcting all of them but my computer probably forgot to save them. Haha !!! I am now off for a few days and cannot do anything. However, to those who left me a message, send me a pm with your mail and I will forward you the correct version. Hugs to all of you. I am now baking under the sun before tackling my last end of schoolyear.

5 May 2016


Dear Monique,
hope you have some great sunny days. 
I downloaded your ws "Jenny in the Provence". It would be nice if you could send me the ws without "mistakes".
Thanks in advance.
 Greetings from Berlin, hugs Ines

5 May 2016

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Plz help me correct the mistake on the sentence
 He has been in England during the spring of 2000

4 May 2016

...There is 1 previous answer...


 The mistake in the sentence can be corrected in two different ways, depending on the meaning.
He was in England during the Spring of 2000. He is not in England now.
He has been in England since the spring of 2000. He is still in England.

5 May 2016

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The mug   
Sent by one of my pupils. Do you understand it?

MUG ~ English Weird ~ Grammar Coffee Mug, Mugs, Tea Mug, Funny Quote Mug, Nerd Mug, Geek, Nerdy, Geeky, Nerd, Grammar Geek, Homonym ~:

4 May 2016

...There are 3 previous answers...





5 May 2016

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is not used to knowing or isnot used to know it?   
Hi, I have a doubt about the correct form. Isn t used to knowing or isn t used to know, since know is a verb we use with infintive. thanks

4 May 2016


I m not sure of your context, but I ll see if I can help. 
I m not used to knowing --- "used to" means "accustomed" --- so, also correct would be "I m not accustomed to knowing"

"knowing" here is used as a noun.
I m (I am)  not used to milk for breakfast.  I usually just have coffee.
I m  (I am) not used to dancing before dinner. I usually just watch tv. 
I m  (I am) not used to waking up late.  I usually get up at sunrise. 
I m (I am)  not used to walking to work.  I usually take the bus. 

Im (I am) not used to knowing the answers. I still think I should ask for help!
used to + ____________ (noun, infinitive)
or another way to look at it -- 
used to + _______________ (thing or activity)
"Used to" can also mean something that you did in the past but you no longer do.
I used to live in Shanghai but now I live in Beijing. 
I used to know the people in that building but they dont live there now. 
I used to be young but now I am old. 
I used to run every day but now I work too much overtime.  -------- Things that were normal in the past, but no longer happen.
used to + ____________ (verb)  
Can you see the difference?
Hope this helps.  

4 May 2016

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