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Spanish School looking for penpals   
Hi, Iīm an English teacher at a Public School in Spain. My oldest students are 11-12 years old. Iīm looking for penpals for them. any english teacher interested?

1 Oct 2014

United States

I am interested to have my students interact with students from Espaņa. 
-Alex Bisaria

1 Oct 2014

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Caption contest 1st October    
Hi, everybody : Before going to bed, please have a look at the new picture and leave your comments, the more the better. Let wit and creativity be with you as always . Sleep tight!!!

1 Oct 2014

...There are 5 previous answers...


OMG!!  Kitty porn!!!

1 Oct 2014

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Need help ,please !   
How are you all my dear teachers , I really appreciate your help if you can , I am going to prepare and present a workshop about "e.learning vs traditional methods of teaching " I collected some data but I need your help , points of view and some resources to work on them . Thanks a lot . By the way "What īs your opinion about the topic ?"

1 Oct 2014


I think e-learning is great for those who know how to manage their time and can study independently. It allows you to learn and advance at your own pace which is a wonderful thing because it takes away a lot of the pressure of learning something within a set time limit.

However, in my honest opinion, e.learning should be a tool that goes hand in hand with traditional classroom settings. There is no substitution for human interaction in the e.learning process, something that a lot of people need. In general, you need to talk, practice o interact with people to learn a language... how else do we know if other people understand us, or that we are saying things in a correct way? Or gain the confidence to actually use what we have learned, if we don īt use or practice it?

Traditional methods are obviously not the only or even the best way to learn because everybody learns differently and no one method suits every person. (And there are TONS of "traditional" and "non-traditional" methods out there.) That said, both forms of learning, if used together, can be a great way to motivate students in the classroom.

1 Oct 2014

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help! face2face new edition class CD   
I am looking for the class audio recordings of face2face pre-intermediate SECOND edition.

I have the first edition recordings and they don īt match the book I have!

Thanks you in advance if you can help me,


1 Oct 2014

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Just + Present Continuous   
Is using "just" with Present Continuous correct?

I īve heard somewhere that it isn īt and I īm totally surprised because I was taught at school that "just" is one of the typical expressions of this tense.

Help me please :)

1 Oct 2014

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"I īm just coming" or "I īm just doing it now" can also be used if someone asks you to do something and you are right in the middle of doing it as they ask you. It īs often used by teenagers who are frustrated with their parents. "Tidy your room! - Yeah, mum, I īm just doing it!"

1 Oct 2014

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Using Skype at school?   
Dear colleagues, I come to you for a little survey: I planned to use Skype (occasionally) in my classroom to have my students communicate with their correspondents. I thought it was a great idea, silly me! Ermm
I īve been told Skype wasn īt īsafe ī and so that I couldn īt use it with the school network. Period.
I believe lots of teachers use it around the world. I even heard of French schools having projects with Skype. If you are one of these lucky teachers, could you let me know how you do it?
Thanks, and have a great day!

1 Oct 2014


I īm also convinced Skype could be a useful tool for language teachers. Sadly I have the same stupid school administrators who decided that skype and network are dangerous.
Last year I had one of my students who needed to do a skype interview for a work experience in Canada. I had to use my own material and phone connexions etc to by-pass the schoolsystem.  So it is.  We are not all lucky, so tresspassing is easy but it has a cost of course. I īm sure part of your students can skype with their own sophisticated phones which we mostly do not have.
Anyway have a great day !

1 Oct 2014

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United States

500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.   
I received this message when I tried to log in. I cleared my cookies and browser settings and now I can log in.  I searched the internet and found several instances in the forum at eslprintables where others reported this 500 error when uploading files that were too large.

No one mentioned the 500 error in the forum for login problems, so I wanted to share the solution in case it ever happens to another member. In my case, I changed my  avatar and password and I guess the  previously set cookies could not reconcile the new password.

1 Oct 2014

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1 Oct 2014

...There are 43 previous answers...


Have a lovely day

1 Oct 2014

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Easy peasy cheesy! Caption winner.   
Congratulations to "florimago" from Spain for her winning entry about cheese. 
Milky ying yang!
So now we īre looking forward to her new picture :)

1 Oct 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...

United Kingdom

Beautiful thoughts, Flori. Sorry about your Mum. She would be proud of your attitude.

1 Oct 2014

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Czech Republic

Regular verbs - past tense   
If you are going to teach regular verbs in past tense, you might find the following useful: 

There are three interactive games and a colourful explanation of the grammar rules.

1 Oct 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...


Useful! Thanks!

1 Oct 2014

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consolidation fr fourth form sports
I hope it will be helpful
Level: advanced
Age: 18-100
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Itīs a worksheet about books and about literature. It can be used as an introductory part to a bigger lesson...
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shy,loyal,helpful,th ankful,polite,bad-te mpered
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mid term test grade 10
a mid term test that i gave to my students and wanted to share with you all
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Reported speech Australia
The students can put every sentence into the reported speech. Iīll make some more cards tomorrow. I hope you like it.
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This worksheet contains exercises to be completed using a/ an; is/ are/ am
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Interview - questions and answers

Level: elementary
Age: 3-100
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Reported Speech
Itīs a worksheet for students to practice the different types of reported speech: statements, questions, commands. There are five activities with different levels of difficulty. With KEY. I hope you find it useful!
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
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this worksheet contains exercises to be completed using: present simple/ present continuous; past simple/ past continuous; present perfect
Level: elementary
Age: 12-15
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