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Which one?


Which one?
Dear colleagues,
Can you tell me which statement sums up the following paragraph?

______ It was the British who laid down the pattern for modern zoos. Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore, also established the London Zoological Society. It opened in 1828 in Regent’s Park, for members of the Society and their guests. Almost twenty years later, in 1847, working people were allowed in, but they had to pay an entrance fee. Zoos across Europe followed London’s example. At first the zoos were in city parks often, offering no more than a small collection of animals.

A But where will the money come from?

B Places of public entertainment

Thank you. 

17 May 2017      


I would say none of them. 

17 May 2017     

United States

I agree with Minka that neither is an ideal summary statement for the paragraph, but if one must choose from only those two options, I would choose B. Both topics are mentioned in the paragraph:  places of public entertainment ("people were allowed in") and where will the money come from ("pay an entrance fee"), but the main purpose of the paragraph is to describe the history of British zoos, a form of public entertainment. Therefore, B fits better, since A is only tangentially touched on. A more appropriate summary option would be "the history of British Zoos".

17 May 2017     

United States

Yes, neither actually summarizes the paragraph at all. The paragraph is not about money, so A can īt be the answer. For "places of public entertainment" to be a correct "summing up", the paragraph would have to discuss different kinds of entertainment, but it is only about European zoos.
So, as Mary said, if you are forced to choose one, B is slightly correct.

17 May 2017     


All of the previous answers are correct, zvonka.rink. 

18 May 2017     


 Thank you .

23 May 2017