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Published worksheets certificate


Published worksheets certificate
Hello, i would like to know if is possible to get from this website any certificate that proves we have published here our work. Do you have something like this here? Thanks.

17 May 2017      

maryse peyé

No, there isn ´t any certificate of any kind here to prove your publication.
You have an account to run according to the given rules and you can show the person you want to your account with your documents and the number of downloadings for each document. That is all what you dan do.
Never let the access of your account codes and loging to another people. Just self security.

17 May 2017     


I know how to access my account, i wasn´t asking for that and I don´t share with anyone else my account. I was asking just if there was some kind of document created by the owners of the website that could be done to prove the publication here of our own creations. The reason? for example in Spain, depending on the province where you work, you can get extra points and raise your level in a working list due to this. So I was interested, and just in case, but as long as you say that  this doesn´t happen, no more to say but thanks for your information :)

18 May 2017     


You could use a screenshot of your account page which states you are an author on the site.

18 May 2017