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ESL forum > Ask for help > which one is correct    

which one is correct

Saudi Arabia

which one is correct
can you help teachers? which sentence is correct
i lost 10 kilos
or i have lost 10 kilos 

19 May 2017      

United Kingdom

I have lost 10 kilos.
Ive lost 10 kilos and I feel great! 
I lost 10 kilos, then I put it all back on again:-(
I lost 10 kilos before Christmas. 
I have lost.. is right. This is a stand alone statement. Once you put that in a time context, you need the simple past. This is the case in British English. 

19 May 2017     

United States

In Am English both can be correct, as well. If someone asks how much weight you have lost, you answer with have lost. If they ask how much did you lose, you answer that you lost x lbs. How much weight have you lost since joining Wieght Watchers? Ive lost 10 lbs. How much weight did you lose on vacation? I lost a pound.

19 May 2017     


I think both are wrong. The right one would be I have gained a few kilos. Or  I gained them, let s say, last month. 
Just kidding. I feel it s just a tense question, in some cases the past simple is the right one, in others, it s present perfect. Both are fine.

20 May 2017     

United Kingdom

Dear Janaesl,

I am British/English.

I agree with Cunliffe, Camarocruiser, and with Minka,

PAST SIMPLE: We think only of the PAST, nothing more. We usually give a time.
"In April, I lost only half-a-pound!"       it happened in the PAST
"At Christmas, my brother GAINED ten pounds! Now, he looks fat!"    it happened in the PAST 

PRESENT PERFECT: We think of the PAST, but we ALSO think of the PRESENT. We dont usually give a time.
"I am on a diet and I have (now) lost 3 pounds!"           from the PAST to the PRESENT
"My sister is also on a diet and she has (now) lost 2 pounds!"     from the PAST to the PRESENT


21 May 2017