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What īs the name...

Czech Republic

What īs the name...
Hi dears, can you help me with terminology? How do you call a crossword where the words are already solved and students think of their definitions? In my language it is somethink like "a crossword in reverse". Hm?

17 Jul 2017      


How about īReverse Crossword ī? 

17 Jul 2017     

United States

Like Apodo, I would call it a reverse crossword, but I īve never heard of such a thing. I don īt see the purpose of having the crossword form if it is just providing a list of words for the students to define. Why not just have the words in a list?

18 Jul 2017     

Czech Republic

A word list would be boring  ;-)

18 Jul 2017     


You could call it something like "write the clues" or "clue hunt."
To add some more challenge, why not ask the students to write the clues, then swap their clue list with a partner and check whether their partner can work out which word each clue is for? 
You could also split the class in half Give one half of the class a half-completed crossword (down clues only) and the other half of the class the opposite (across clues only). They have to write clues for their words, then swap with someone from the other half of the class and solve that person īt clues to complete their own crossword. That adds purpose to the exercise. 

18 Jul 2017     

United States

Love your ideas, FrauSue!

20 Jul 2017