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Has anyone of you encountered copyright issues in this site

2 Aug 2017      

United States

What are you referring to? The instructions for the site are pretty clear about copyrights and there are quite a few people (moderators) that monitor contributions for potential copyright violations.

2 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

What Douglas says is true, but copyright is a minefield! If you think you are OK because there is no watermark or copyright symbol on the image you want to use, you might be wrong! You are supposed to look at the page where you took the image from to see what the conditions of use are. If there is a picture you want to use and you know who the artist is, you can always ask for permission. I always used to do this with the pictures I use on my wss and I only ever had one refusal. This refusal made me laugh, because the image I wanted to use was all over the net and used on other wss on different sites. 
Nobody can give a definitive answer to all copyright questions! If you want to be 100% sure, you can use images from clker 
http://www.clker.com/ , these are guaranteed to be safe. There are some other websites for free images, but this is the only one I īve found to be completely copyright image free.
Maybe others know of more sites?
Hope this helps.  
Edit: Oh and this one http://www.phillipmartin.info/

4 Aug 2017     


Hi Mariouma
What are you specifically referring to?
- copying of othersī contributions?
- copying from books and internet into your own contributions (eg text, images)?
- asking for PDF copies of books or CDs which by law should not be copied? 

4 Aug 2017