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ESL forum > Ask for help > excited + full infinitive    

excited + full infinitive


excited + full infinitive
Today I ´ve had to stand in for a colleague of mine who was on a sick leave. One of his students showed me a composition marked by my workmate and to my surprise he crossed the following student ´s sentence and wrote this instead: "I ´m excited about going on holiday." My colleague crossed it out and wrote "excited to go on holiday." instead. I ´m a bit flabbergasted as I ´ve always taught my students that "excited" is always followed by the preposition "about". Could anyone shed some light on this? Is my colleague ´s correction correct? If so, in which contexts? Thanks.

11 Aug 2017      

United Kingdom

I am surprised that your colleague crossed the student ´s sentence out. This means that he thinks that this construction is incorrect.

It isn´t ... it ´s perfectly acceptable!
Indeed, his ´correction ´: "I ´m excited to go on holiday", is not one that I would use. If I were referring to the future, I might say: "I ´m excited to be going on holiday to America next year", for example. But: "I ´m excited to go on holiday" ... No!
However, I would be careful about teaching that ´excited ´ is ALWAYS followed by the preposition ´about ´.
The Oxford Dictionary of English, printed 2006.
Gould was excited by these discoveries.
They were excited about the prospect.
The Oxford Collocations Dictionary, printed 2013.
Excited: Prepositions.
about: The kids seemed pretty excited about the holidays.
at: excited at the news.
by: He was puzzled but strangely excited by the commotion.
In my opinion, in this case, you are entitled to feel ´flabbergasted ´!
Indeed, as we sometimes jokingly say: "I bet your flabber has never been so gasted!!!"
Les Douglas 



This shows percentages of the use of Prepositions after the word ´excited´.

65%   ABOUT your birthday.
15%   FOR this trip.
9%     BY this.
4%     AT the idea.
2%     OVER the preview.
2%     WITH this idea.
1%     IN a strange way.
1%     ON the first day.
1%     TO see them again.

Les Douglas 

11 Aug 2017     


Hi, Pedro14
 Here ´s a nice little article about the usage of ´excited ´:
excited about, for, by, at or over?

12 Aug 2017     


Thank you both for your prompt reply. I ´ll be careful when telling my students a word is "always" followed by something. "frequently" would be best. By the by, Les, that saying wasn ´t familiar to me so I ´ve decided to goggle it. Does gasted come from "aghast"? Does "flabber" make reference to an extinct animal similar to a skunk? 

13 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

Les Douglas

13 Aug 2017