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ESL forum > Teaching material > EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES    



Can you suggest interesting activities to do with A2 and B1 level students in the classroom?
If you have material I could use, please share it.  

12 Sep 2017      



I made this chart to decorate my class. The aim was to show my students the similarities and/or differences between languages. Also, my first aim was to show my French students that learning English is not so challenging because the alphabet is the same and lots of words are sort of the same. That´s why I added some columns with more exotic languages such as Armenian. I left a blank column to add your own language or other languages that I absolutely do not master.

Well, most are European, but not all. So, you could complete this chart and delete the columns that are not European languages so as to adapt it for this special day.

12 Sep 2017     


Have a look at my multi-lingual vocabulary list.
I was told that the link above didn īt work. Hopefully this one works better.

12 Sep 2017     


Thank you very much for you help, Karagozian. I love your work.

13 Sep 2017     

Andrew Robinson
United Kingdom

The best from the It is such an amazing information, This provides us with the perfect opportunity to highlight the huge value of Europe īs cultural diversity. The European Union spends  million a year promoting language learning and linguistic diversity through the dissertation help and da vinnchiu programmes, a policy that began with the pioneering Linqua programme in .

17 Oct 2017     

United States

This provides us with an excellent opportunity to highlight the great value of European cultural diversity. The European Union spends millions of dollars annually to promote language learning and linguistic diversity through online dissertation help programming , a policy that started as a pioneer programmer in the forest.

13 Nov 2017