Terms and Conditions

Approval: Any website submitted to ESLprintables Advertising Program must be approved by the administrator. Only quality websites which are considered useful for ESL teachers or students will be approved.

Ads: The ads published in ESLprintables will have an image, a title and a description. Ads containing words that are in all capital letters or with non-standard extra characters are prohibited.
You can use promotional language like "interesting", "useful", "complete", etc. But you cannot use superlatives like "the best", "the most complete", etc.

Ads placement: The ads will be placed at the top of the page, and they will be ordered randomly.
In order to facilitate navigation to ESLprintables users, the ads will be shown only to external traffic (visitors coming from search engines).

Payment: You don't have to pay for registration, but after making your ad you will have to pay in order to start your advertising campaign.
You can pay through PayPal, credit card or International Bank Transfer.

Termination: This agreement can be terminated at any time by any of the two parts. Pending credit will be refunded to you only if the agreement is terminated by ESLprintables.com

Guarantee: ESLprintables cannot guarantee the level of impressions and clicks, it depends on the number of visitors. In any case, you will pay 0.03 for each visitor that we send to your website, and you can set a daily limit to control your budget.