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From the Voting Page (Another Website)

Pinky Makus

From the Voting Page (Another Website)
Here is another website with activities for kids.  It is in Spanish but you can go through it slowly.  I know there is another website like this in English.  I just can �t remember the name of it.


2 Jul 2009      

Pinky Makus

The coloring pages and memory games may be of the most use to you.  There are some pages with Spanish instructions that you could print out and then white out or remove the instructions at the top of the page.  I don �t speak Spanish but, the activities are fairly simple to figure out.

Edit:  Oops.  I am sorry I just assumed it was Spanish but I saw that some activities were in Portuguese.  Forgive me.

2 Jul 2009     

Ana B

Hi there!
Actually that website is in Portuguese language (brazilian variety). Don �t worry, foreigners often confuse the two languages...
Anyway, very nice for young kids. Thanks for sharing!
Greetings from sunny Portugal...

2 Jul 2009     

Anna P

We do find treasures in the voting pages, don �t we? Here �s another one:

2 Jul 2009