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English flashcards with sound

Bella W
United Kingdom

English flashcards with sound
I created a set of English picture flashcards and I �ve now added sound to them.  The first 40 are free to download from vocabzone
I �ve also created French and Spanish flashcards.  Before I start to add sound to these I would like them double checked by somebody who has French or Spanish as a mother tongue.
If you can help me please contact me at [email protected]
In exchange I would give you any of the full sets of 800 flashcards, in whichever langauge(s) you wish, for free.

9 Jul 2009      


the Vocabzone is fabulous! You did a Great job there!

9 Jul 2009     


Ciao Bella. How amazing! How did you do? How could you add a sound to an image? I do it in a power point or on a Worksheet that is in my computer, but not the way you did!    Thanks                  

9 Jul 2009     


Bella, absolutely wonderful! I love the images and the sound is clear. Excellent work!

9 Jul 2009     

United States


9 Jul 2009     


Hello, Bella W!!!

As far as the kind of phonetic trancription of the flashcards in Spanish is concerned, I would like to tell you that it is not very precise in the sense that some of the words will be bound to be mispronounced!!! However, I think it is a great job!!!

9 Jul 2009     


Lovely!!! Great job you did there!!!!

9 Jul 2009     

Anna P

Fantastic work!

9 Jul 2009     


� Exellent!

9 Jul 2009     

Bella W
United Kingdom

Thank you everyone.  All your replies and the help I have received have been fantastic. 
I created the flashcards as follows:
- I created the flashcards in microsoft word (pictures and text boxes). 
- Then converted the word file to a PDF file. 
- Then used a program called Text Aloud to recorded each word as a .wav file using a Text To Speach English voice
- Then added the .wav files to the PDF files using the sound tool in Adobe Acrobat
Eventually I want to create flashcards with two languages on.  For example, English with French underneath.  I also want to add more languages in time. 
Thank you.

9 Jul 2009