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ESL forum > > Stolen and copied worksheets    

Stolen and copied worksheets


Stolen and copied worksheets

I haven’ t reported worksheets so far .If I saw one I didn’t download it,but I can understand those whose worksheets are copied and another members want  a  ” 15 minutes  of fame” from  others hard work.

I must admit that my 6 years old nephew can copy  everything from everywhere.But here we aren’t six years old and it is the easiest thing to copy.And those worksheets aren’t for copying.They give us inspiration!!!When you think.” Oh,this worksheet is so beautiful ,but I can (must ) do a better one for my students  and their needs!”Of course there are wonderful and inimitable worksheets on this  site ,but for you yours is the  best (like your own children) because you add your personality even your soul  to them.And it isn ´t a race  for points!

Sorry if I hurt someone,I don’t want to.

Good night to everyone


9 Jul 2009      


I couldn ´t  agree more with you, Lena! We are not children to cheat in order to get points. But i think that those who upload a stolen or "copy and paste" worksheet are not in a race to get lots of points just to have fame. I strongly believe that they are lazy people who want to get points to achieve the "premium" status and be able to download some "precious/useful" worksheets without doing the minimal effort.
The Internet system make some people think that they are anonymous and that it ´s easy to cheat but in fact we can ´t do it. When they come across these beautiful worksheets or some ready made material, they may believe that nobody will find it out if they upload it. But... don ´t they think that among the thousands of teachers here, there will be some who have found the same??
It ´s very important that all members, not only moderators know this:
Be careful cheaters: many teachers here have sites on their own and you can download wss for free from them. But we know them. As soon as some Vanda ´s, Pika ´s, Gabitza ´s, Katiana ´s, Jecika ´s, Frenchfrog ´s, (etc) worksheets or some material taken from the Net appear on recent contributions,  they are recognized and reported.
Besides, some older contributions are also reported. For example, I have been searching for some material and found tons of copy and paste worksheets. So I reported them and many people like me do the same.
So there ´s not much sense in trying to cheat: there are lots of people who DO care about this site and want to preserve it as an unique source of original/useful material and not a mere copy from other sites!! They are watching out all the contributions

9 Jul 2009     


Geek I agree...Thumbs Up

10 Jul 2009     


I ´m sandramendoza and I am member of this wonderful site. Some members may know me but some may not. I am posting this note because to my surprise a member  called demeuter reported my worksheet "Breakfast time" as stolen. I would like she/he to explain and give proof of what she/he said, who is the owner of this worksheet. I do not know her/him and I have not downloaded his/her worksheets. I am really upset because of his/her accusation. Whenever I feel creative I send worksheets but when I am not I don ´t.
PLEASE be careful when you do that you have to have real proof of what you say. I think I have my personal style in doing my worksheets. What do you think about it?
It is true that there are members who cut and paste or copy other people ´s work but I do not. I have been teaching English for more than 24 years... I have been taught and I teach not to be dishonest.
SORRY FOR THIS. I did not want to use this place to say this because there are wonderful people here

10 Jul 2009     


Hi everyone!

Is plagiarism so rampant on this thing--amongst teachers no less--that it dominates most of the conversation pieces?  Methinks that is a bit ironic yes?  Anyways, I just wanted to say that, although I am not very skilled on the worksheet-creating side of things, I am currently working hard to learn what I can from you all.  You have inspired me to improve!

10 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom


Usually copied woksheets are uploaded by people new to the site. Usually they do not know the rules and just want a quick way to get to the magical 30 points. If they continue uploading copied woksheets their account will be deleted. I do not know many contributions that remain here for a long time.

Honestly, when I first came to this site I uploaded some copied printables Dead from Bogglesworld. This was done purely and only out of not knowing the rules and not knowing what kind of community this is.

I dont think there is much point in having a witch hunt and namecalling against these members as they always get caught out.

10 Jul 2009     


Last night I noticed two members who took 5 of my worksheets from the German teachers ´ website www.4teachers.de where I have published hundreds of my materials for the last five years. You can imagine how annoyed I am. But before I announce the names of these naughty people here, I ´ll tell them personally to remove the worksheets from this site. If they don ´t I ´ll inform the moderators of cause. Anyway, it ´s always very disappointing to see others getting points on materials that they have stolen.

20 Jul 2009