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Story telling


Story telling
Hi Can you suggest any story telling for me to use! because i m a trainee and i was asked to tell my sts a story and i have no idea what to use. They are 9 yrs old. do u know of any one please!? i m desperate because i have to start to planify and i dont know what to use

10 Jul 2009      

United Kingdom


I have tried many things but what works best for me is this:

1) Get students to vote for an animal
2) Draw the animal on the board
3) Ask students: "What is the (Animal) going to do?"
4) Students shout out/ take turns making responses
5) Draw the animal doing that thing
6) Ask "What will the (animal) do next?"
7) Once they get good at this you can shout out things like "Then SUDDENLY......" The students have to continue making the story

My last story (boys class) was "Once upon a time, A rabbit ran up a hill then ate a elephant, zebra and dinosaur. It felt really sick so it went to the hospital. Then suddenly another big diosaur came and ate the rabbit"

This activity is easy to set up and really works well with the students imagination

10 Jul 2009     


Oops!!! we were posting at the same time. Look at my post about fairy tales above this one.

10 Jul 2009     


Dear iviher,
I have read "Tortoise Shell" with my stds. After reading you can provide different materials so they invent different shells for the little tortoise. It is a quite well known book.
You could also use "The blue balloon" or "The very hungry caterpillar" or "The grouchy ladybug"
Thay are all really nice
Good Luck

10 Jul 2009     

manonski (f)

You can �t go wrong with Robert Munsch. What �s more, if you go on his website, http://www.robertmunsch.com/, in the storytime section, you can download audio versions of his stories read by him.
Stephanie �s Ponytail is funny and I usually use a girl with long hair and we do the different hairdos from the story.
Mortimer is a big hit with the boys because for once they have permission to be noisy.
Show and Tell is a good one if you want your students to do one of their own.

10 Jul 2009     


bcbeebies.com has some great stories you can use... And there are some great things here, too... if you like fables, try isabelucha �s The Lion and the Mouse...

10 Jul 2009     


Try some of the books from Julia Donaldson. I use them all the time with my kids and they are so easy to use. I did �The Snail and the Whale � with a very large group of 9-10 year olds and after reading the story they had to draw a story board to the book and they loved it.
The words usually rhyme so it is easy for the kids to listen to and they soon join in the story if you read it more often. (like the Gruffalo for instance)
Hope you like them. Hugs Yeti xx

10 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

I can �t recommend anything from a teaching perspective, as I only teach adults but as a mum I can highly recommend these two stories:

"Giraffe �s can �t dance" by Giles Andrae and Guy Parker-Rees. Great rhyme, gorgeous illustrations and chockablock with animals!

"Handa �s Surprise" by Eileen Browne. Short, simple story, also set in Africa. Very colourful and sweet. If you want to practise fruit (inc. tropical ones).... Actually, now I think about it there �s another story called Handa �s Hen, which practises numbers and animals (and not just your bog-standard ones!)


Have a swell weekend!

10 Jul 2009     


Thanks a lot!!!! Ur recommendations are very useful.
Thanks again

10 Jul 2009