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ESL forum > Teaching material > Science experiments?    

Science experiments?


Science experiments?

Hello everybody!

I �m planning some lessons and i was thinking in something new to use, and i thought in a experiment.
We �ve working with weather conditions, and plants, the sun and water, so i was thinking to use an experiment that include those topic.
I want to know if you use experiments as an option, and what about the results in classrooms.
Can you tell me some experiments you �ve tried?
Or if you know any site to search about those kind of experiments.
My kids are 7 and they love science so i know they �ll love that activity.
Thanks a lot to all of you.


10 Jul 2009      

Costa Rica

I have to say that I am new in this webpage, and I really need your help.  I want to write because i have some doubts but i can see that you guys change the size of the founts and the type but i don �t know how.
If I want to write or to post something on the forum. How can I do so without posting a reply???
I am sorry, I am just learning how to use it.Wink

10 Jul 2009     


I worked with germination. We experimented putting some jars in the light and others in the shadow. Wetting some of those in the shadow but not the others.

You have a lot of ideas on the net:




you may google for more.

Kids love  it!

10 Jul 2009     


Hi Val:
My students had a lot of fun making Colored Flowers
 Materials you will need:
� Water
� Scissors
� Food Colouring
� Jar, Plastic Cup or Test Tube
� A Flower (light coloured-white carnation) or Celery Stalk (with leaves)
This is a colour changing experiment.
1.  Fill the cup with water.
2.  Add a few drops of food colouring
3.  Cut the end off the stem (stalk)
4.  Put the flower in the water
Watch and in time the food colouring will be sucked up the stem along tiny tubes (called vessels) and the petals of the flower will start to change in colour.
Another way to try this experiment is to get a flower with a long, thick stem (or a celery stalk with leaves) and slit it carefully from the bottom and put one end in separate test tubes (with different food colourings).  Your flower (or celery) should have petals (or leaves) in two different colours.
You can find more experiments here:
greetings from Panama,

10 Jul 2009     

United Arab Emirates

I teach 5 year olds and we grew some seeds with them.

Put some seeds in a moist cotton and put in some sunny place and we watched then grow, adding some water at times.
You can also plant and grow different shapes. Cut the shapes out of a carton piece and plant the seeds within this shape. Leave the carton and take care of plants. After some time you will see them growing.
well it �s fun to do with kids and they love it. though see. it depends how much time you have and how short your experiments can be.
You can show the kids how different factors can affect plants (sun, air, water, temperature etc)

10 Jul 2009     


What about a volcano?  A teacher at our summer school did it this week - it seems like you need bicarbonate of soda and vinegar...I �m sure if you google it you �ll be able to find out how to do it :)

12 Jul 2009