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Kike L.S.

Hey guys!I must say that after a long time, I have finally found a way to share my work and get good stuff. That īs th reason I īm so into this site. However, I am concerned about editing. I mean DO YOU USUALLY HAVE A COLLEAGUE OR SENIOR TEACHER CHECK OR EDIT YOUR WORKSHEETS OR PPTs? It would be a great idea since we should always keep in mind that we should provide our students with accurate materials to  enhance their language skills.

26 Jul 2009      


Hi Kike

It never crossed my mind to ask somebody to edit my work. I always do it myself. On the other hand, if you find such a person and he/she is willing to do this job, why not? But you are right that we always have to check the accuracy of the worksheet before we give it to our students.

26 Jul 2009     


Hi there,
in my case, I am the senior teacher...and when help is wanted, I always give it....but I find some teachers simply don īt want any input.....or advice..
The only time I īll check someone īs work....is when it concerns my own students.....if my colleague offers me a sheet, then before I give it to them I īll check it...
editing is important....but I think it is something a teacher should do on their own....and If you make an error....or a typo (spelling error)...well, it īs part of the process of being a new teacher...

26 Jul 2009     

South Africa

Editing your ws that you download is vital. Not all English is created equal ; ) unless of course you plan to play īspot the error ī with your students.

When creating or editing, use Microsoft īs autographic corrector. In the older versions of Word, select all your text (Ctrl+A), go to Tools > Set Language and change the language to English (USA or UK). Now hit the F7 key on your keyboard and do a spellcheck. Sometimes Word gets a little silly over what it calls errors, but it is a good guide.

Having said that, errors do creep in. I know that I am very grateful when people point out errors in my work.

26 Jul 2009