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Teacher Khalid

Hello dear fellows

I am going to teach conversation class net week for the first time,  I used to teach English in general

So I am so concerned about this and hope you help me a lot.
Thank you a lot.

26 Jul 2009      


just started teaching my first conversation class this year.
just relax
talk talk talk
make them feel comfortable to be able to speak without being perfect
it is more difficult than teaching a regular class because of the different levels - this summer my class has 6 levels - beginner to advanced - that īs difficult
have a topic such as using the telephone or orderin at a restuarant
have them work in pairs this ensures that all the students speak
my class is 3 hours long and they speak about 1 hour each every day
first class - talk to them ask them what they want to learn
it īs their class
good luck

26 Jul 2009     


Are you teaching a multi-level class or are your students at the same level?
As Debbie said,  the first thing is to make them feel comfortable.  Tell them a little bit about yourself and if they already have some knowledge of English ask them what type of questions they would like to know about their classmates and write them on the board.  Once you have a substantial list written have the students individually ask these questions to the other students.
You will find many worksheets on this site to help you out and enough people who are willing to help you with any questions you may have.
Just type īconversation ī on the search worksheet section and you will  find many worksheets you will be able to use.
Good luck with your class.

26 Jul 2009     


Giovanni is right, this site is full of ws for conversation classes, I īm teaching a conversation class as well and it īs deffinetily more difficult than regular classes but it īs also rewarding and relaxed as you don īt have to prepare tests, ... just talk and have fun!!
If you search the net as "esl discussion topics" you will get lots of pages with hot topics to talk about and activities to do
good luck

27 Jul 2009     


Hi, there!

Conversation and listening are certainly my favorite classes. Time goes by fast when you really get into it (as opposed to boring loooong grammar lessons). What I usually do is design a plan depending on my students ī needs, age and the time I have to teach the course. I create my own units and give them names. Every lesson should focus on some specific aspect of grammar. Then I search for materials that could support each unit: readings and vocabulary could come in handy. The most important thing is for you to be fully prepared: Students always notice. Wink It is good for them to realize that not because it is conversation class, you guys are going to talk about just anything.

You might find this link useful. I recently joined the community, so I am just starting to upload stuff, but I have some good conversation cards that I am intending to add as soon as I can.
Good Luck!

27 Jul 2009