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mistakes in worksheets


mistakes in worksheets
As I was going through the new worksheets, I came across w/s with soooooooo many mistakes. I am sure they shouldn īt /mustn īt be used as a teaching resource. This is not the first time I have had these thoughts. Probably we need another option in the reported worksheets section - removed because of numerous mistakes?

What do you think?

27 Jul 2009      


I don īt know if it īs fair to delete them because they have mistakes. I understand the point, but then if the author isn īt a native speaker it īs likely there will be some mistakes.

Maybe just be allowed to put a caveat in the comments section telling the downloader to check the worksheet carefully for mistakes? Or have an online editing function (google office?) but that sounds like hard work. I īve been embarrassed a few times when I īve downloaded and used without looking at the sheet properly.....

27 Jul 2009     

United States

I agree with Baiba.

We īre all educated teachers here - so it shouldn īt be that difficult to use a spelling/grammar helper to clean up the last mistakes.

Many make mistakes because they are in a hurry to upload material instead of using time to check then through a few times.

Students have rely upon the fact that worksheets aren īt filled with mistakes.
As Baiba wrote - yesterday there were worksheets that had way too many mistakes.
Even the titles were mis-spelled.

27 Jul 2009     

Mariethe House

"Many make mistakes because they are in a hurry to upload material instead of using time to check then through a few times."

Maybe this is not the reason, Libertybelle and we don īt have to make value judgements on this board.

I suggest we contact the owner of the ws and offer to proof read and correct... maybe this would be more helpful !

27 Jul 2009     


Hi to you all! When I see a worksheet with too many mistakes I usually send the member a private message because I really don īt think it īs necessary to embarrass people in public. I know that some of the mistakes that appeared yesterday were so, so basic, like adjectives with a plural form, no subject - verb agreement, etc. but... I still think we should just send a private message to the author. I really wouldn īt like to see worksheets reported because of mistakes, baiba, although I understand your point.
Wish you all a nice day.  Smile

27 Jul 2009     


I do agree with Marie-Thé and Mena. I don īt think we are here to judge but when we see many mistakes, sending a pm is sort of more "polite" than just making people feel bad because of mistakes.

27 Jul 2009     

United States

No one here said that we īre hanging people out by mentioning that the quality of
some materials here are below standard.

It īs fine that people send messages - I do that too.
But the fact remains that there are also lots of worksheets that are not up to standard and some that are plain sloppy.
That īs a fact and Baiba and I are not the only ones to comment on this.

27 Jul 2009     


Of course baiba and you are not the only ones my dear libertybelle.  My sister and I comment on this all the time. We sometimes wonder if those worksheets full of mistakes on basic contents are handed out to students and what the better ones have to say about it. I īm sure some of them must correct the teacher. And what about the parents? Some will do something about it, I īm sure. So we all agree on this. We only have different opinions on how to deal with the problem.

Hugs,  Smile

27 Jul 2009     


It would be great if someone corrected those (just like myselfSmile) who make mistakes. It would be a way of sharing!  Please, feel free to correct me, I īd appreciate it very much.  Thanks. Hug

27 Jul 2009     


hello, everybody.

Dear dareka, "if the author isn īt a native speaker it īs likely there will be some mistakes." do you really believe that native speakers are exempt from grammar and spelling mistakes and that this is specific only to non-native speakers.
As Liberty said, we are all teachers here and supposed to have been prepared enough to do this job. And that not all WS are 100% mistake free and thus should be checked carefully before they are handed to the SS.

But if a WS is full of mistakes, I would say that it is more likely to have been uploaded by someone who is not a teacher of English native or non-native.

Best regards from a non-native teacher.

As for the WS with mistakes I think there are two things we can do.
1- Check carefully before handing the WS to the SS.
2- Warn the owner via PM or comment box so that he/she could correct and update his/her WS.
3- Report the WS to the moderators if we think that it contains too much mistakes (unacceptable from a language teacher.)

Finally itīs three LOL

27 Jul 2009     


Hello everyone!

What I sometimes do when I hand in a worksheet and I didn īt check it before thouroughly ...

( that is what we should always do before handing them to our students...Geek)

I tell them that apart from doing the activities they must also check spelling...

if someone finds mistakes, they should correct them as if it were another exercise...Wink

That īs it... no big deal...



27 Jul 2009     

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