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ESP: Teaching with Software Tutorials


ESP: Teaching with Software Tutorials
Hello there, I have this provate student, who is taking English lessons for the University, and also for himself. We started in March, twice a week, he was practically an absolute beginner, and I �me extremely proud of him for his improvement, and how fast he learns.... right now we just finished with present continuous. For his level, I believe he has a pretty good vocabulary, So, I thought that before moving on to the realms of the past tense, and making a mess in his head hehe, we could work on some tutorials he sent me at tha beginning of our classes.
He �s studying graphic design and he said that he found it frustrating to learn techniques with the design software since most tutorials are in English, and he didin �t understand a thing.
So basically, I have an Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial to work with. It has steo by step instructions with small paragraphs and at least one picture (screenshot) per step. It �s pretty similar to any software tutrorial in general
I �m kind of at a loss here, bc the text is so reduced that there is not that much content to work with (especially since my knowledge is little to none regarding such sftware).
So any ideas on what kind of activities I could do with such tutorials

29 Jul 2009      


I �d love to help concretely, but I have no experience with this particular topic... I found these links which perhaps could help you...




I know what I did when I was tutoring a surgeon for his specific field of work - he was supposed to give several very detailed presentations but he didn �t know English and I didn �t know his field, so I took out specific medical terms from the dictionary and wrote them on cards, with the dictionary explanation on the side, and then I asked him to explain to me what this word meant for him and how it was important in his work, and I made notes to myself about it, and he tried to express himself as best he could. Then we looked at quotes from other such books (in this case your tutorial) and little by little, day by day, he himself started figuring out the meaning using his knowledge of context, and knew how to ask me for unclear expressions, and I slowly learnt how to explain them to him. It was like making a puzzle, but not having all the parts the very first day, but then every time we put a part of the puzzle well, it was like the next day sb gave us 3 new puzzle parts, then 5, then 7, etc. It �s very hard at the beginning, because it has to be a 2-way process - you teach him English, and he teaches you graphic design, but it works eventually. It might help you if somebody from the field explained the tutorial to you, so I hope some experts step in here. Good luck to you...


29 Jul 2009     


When I need further info about how to use or how to explain the use of a software I look for a forum. You can find lots of photoshop furums, this is the link of one of them:


Here you �ll find further explanation, and you can register to ask questions about steps you can �t understand.



30 Jul 2009