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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Worldwide PENFRIENDS!!!!    

Worldwide PENFRIENDS!!!!


Worldwide PENFRIENDS!!!!
Hi Everybody!!! I was thinking it would be a great idea to ask our students to write letters for a penfriend from a different country. I think it could be a fascinating way, not only of practising the language, but also of encouraging cultural exchange.
The ideal thing would be that each student had a penfriend from a different country, so that they could tell the rest of the class something different about his/her penfriend.
We could organize them according to their age. Let me know what you think, and we can start as soon as you want!

31 Jul 2009      

South Africa

Have you tried the Flat Stanley project? They even have lesson plans.
I have used Flat Stanley project with many classes, always with huge success.

31 Jul 2009     


Thanks a lot!!! I loved it!
Anyway, if anyone is interested, I would like to exchange letters with other students, especially teenagers!
A big hug....

31 Jul 2009     

South Africa

You �re most welcome : ) I �d look into writing, but my teens aren �t back from holidays yet.

31 Jul 2009     

kush1 Nataliya

Hello, Valentina. This is a nice idea. My pupils want to have penfriends too. This is a good way to interest schoolchildren and improve their language. I want to have penfriends too.

31 Jul 2009     


I would also love to join this project with my students.�

Besides, this point has been raised lots of times lately. I think we just need some people to organize it: to discuss details, rules and purposes of the project.

I like your idea of having penfriends from different countries. That means that there can be different topics to investigate about foreign cultures, so-called projects in the project. For example, this month we discuss family traditions. And at the end of the term we can have a lesson or a meeting where all the students will tell about "their" country and then draw a general conclusion altogether comparing the styles of life. As a result of this research we can make a magazin, a newspaper or a presentation, devoted to it, and put them on this site showing the way our students see the world.

Anyway, I �m in... ))))))) Let �s develop this initiative.�

31 Jul 2009     


Hi all, I really like this idea and you can count me in!

31 Jul 2009     


Great idea!!!

I �m also in. I teach 8-12 year pupils.

31 Jul 2009     

Nabila Manzur

It�s a very fructiferous activity.Thumbs Up I had a lot of penfriends when i was younger, and I tried

it with my sts too, they are still in contact with friends worldwide.
if you prefer the traditional way, please count me in , too.
pls write to [email protected]  or just a pm and i will be able to send you
our address.
Regards from Buenos Aires

31 Jul 2009     


I �m trying to figure out a way to organize some kind of systema; I �d suggest you each sent me a list of students and their age, and I �ll prepare a general list, so that we can choose the courses according to the students � ages.
I �m currently having 6 different courses, ranging from 7 to 18 years old.
I look forward to your reply, thanks again!!!!

1 Aug 2009     


I like that idea. I would be glad to cooperate with you in this endeavor just let me know and we can exchange addresses of our pupils. We can also make this as their project in Writing so that we can revive the Letter Writing activities in them at the same time we can promote good friendships with them as they exchange communications from children around the world.


2 Aug 2009     

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