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ESL forum > Teaching material > Portugal - EFA Courses - Any good material sites?    

Portugal - EFA Courses - Any good material sites?

Diana Parracho

Portugal - EFA Courses - Any good material sites?
Hi everyone and thank you all for the lovely contributions on this website! I just looooooooooooooove eslprintables.com! Wink
But I have a request to make, especially to my colleagues from Portugal, but also from those of you who have experience with adult teaching materials: I �m currently teaching English in an EFA course (Education and Formation for Adults) but since it �s the first time I �m having some trouble finding good ideas and material!
Can any of you give me a hand?
Thanks in advance...for everything! This site rocks! Hug

1 Aug 2009      

United Kingdom

I �d love to help Diwizinha, but could you please explain a bit more for example the level of your students and what does the course title mean exactly.

1 Aug 2009     

Hong Kong

Have you thought about using popular TV shows to teach them? The adults in Hong Kong love this. We take shows like 24 and Prison Break and print out the English subtitles and have them listen and follow along with the handouts. Quite often the subtitles don �t match the dialogue so we have them note any errors in the subtitling and discuss it in the next lesson. You could also pick an occupation a week and focus on the vocab that goes with that job. GL

1 Aug 2009     


Hello there, Diwizinha!
Is it an EFA B2 or B3?
I teach EFA B3 and I find New Headway from Oxford University Press very useful. Search the web, you can download it, I just can �t remember where... As far as following subtitles, I don �t think they �re able to do it, these adults I teach are in a very, very elementary level,  most of them are just starting to learn English. You can also try this link that was posted here on the forum  two weeks ago, where you can download loads of useful English books and activity books. I �d like to thank  the coleague who posted it ,it was soooo helpful... www.taringa.net/posts/2665928
Have a nice Saturday!
Hugs from hot Alentejo...

1 Aug 2009     


Hi, here is the link to Headway

1 Aug 2009     

Diana Parracho

Thank you all for your suggestions, Headway is really awesome and yes, my class is B3 and they are indeed very elementary, some of them haven �t had any English at all! And thank you Spagman63 for the awesome idea with the tv shows, I was looking for films for my conversation classes but tv shows are an excellent idea!
By the way I found a lot of books in this website, I don �t know if you know it but if you can take a look, it �s really worth it www.englishtips.org (click on the english flag on the right upper corner).

1 Aug 2009