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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > What to Teach in Three Days Before a Test???    

What to Teach in Three Days Before a Test???


What to Teach in Three Days Before a Test???

Hello wonderful teachers,

I �m in a big problem, friends. I �m asked to teach an eighth grader three days before his test . The test is composed of  reading, grammar, and writing parts.

I noticed that he has spelling punctuation problems. His vocabulary bank is not that rich too. He needs more practice in writing, but his reading skills are accepted.

What shall I focus on and how can I give hime everything he needs within three days only?? I �m confused and unable to narrow things.

Thanks in advance.

8 Aug 2009      

El Salvador

Dear Nebal,

I totally understand where you are coming from... around two years ago I was asked to do the same thing. These students needed to pass the TOEIC test, I had a week to �teach them English � a week before the �big test �. I was somehow afraid, I thought it was my responsability whether they passed -or failed, in such case. I understood, we are teachers, not magicians. English, as any other language, is a complex set of components that cannot be taught in three days. Please do not overload yourself or the child with thousands of concepts, grammar points, readings exercises, and non-stopping activities. This child might end up hating English.

I would recomend you to get some orientation on the contents the test covers, its objectives and mostly the way it has been designed. Is it a multiple choice test? Fill-in the blanks? Matching? True False?..... Thus, you can teach the child tecniques to �pass � the test. Give your student similar exercises so he gets used to this format. Get informed. What are some of the contents this test is going to cover? Focus on those!

Hope this works for u..... Thumbs Up

8 Aug 2009     


Hi dear Nebal! Well, I completely agree with Monica. Maybe you should try to get some tests from previous years and check the contents covered on those. Monica explained everything very well. It �s rather difficult though to prepare a child in such a short period of time, but as a capricorn I �m sure you can do it!Smile I wish I could help you a bit more....

8 Aug 2009     

Hong Kong

I have seen good results with proofreading wss.  We use these a lot in Hong Kong.

8 Aug 2009     


Monica and Isaeblucha, thanks a bunch for the tips!!! They are of great help!!!
Spagman, I �ve  tried proofreading before and it worked. How could I forget abou it?? Thanks for refreshing my mind!!

8 Aug 2009     


Go with vocabulary and reading comprehension. Also, it depends on what will be on the test.

8 Aug 2009     

South Africa

Nebal, there are good ideas here, so I won �t add to them. I just wanted to let you know you have my sympathies. We have a situation here where students need a certain level of English to be able to enter some universities and I often get people wanting me to teach them enough to pass in a few weeks when they have no English at all. I turn those away.

We should have a course: "Instant English. Just add water." LOL

9 Aug 2009