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Text Book Dilema


Text Book Dilema
Hello everyone !!
I have to find a new book to work with my secondary students. They have 6 hours of English a week and I need something that can motivate them to learn or to speak in english.
If you have any ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to let me know.
A lot of hugs for all of you,

10 Aug 2009      


Have you taken a look at "Access" from Express Publishing? I �m going to use that one this year, it looks very interesting, hope my ss like it!

10 Aug 2009     


I think they would! they seem to be really interesting. Thanks for your replay.
I was using "Adventures" from Oxford. A four level course. But next year, I will have 2 new levels. I was thinking about "English in Mind" from Cambridge, but I don �t think my students are prepared enough for these books. They have a good level of english, but they are really inmature. They like pictures and colors... so It �s kind of complicated. I don �t know if I �m going to be their teacher next year, but I want to leave them a good material for them to work with.
I will take a deeper look to "Access". Thanks again and see you later !

10 Aug 2009     


I am using "English in mind" this year. It is suitable for teens: colourful, with texts and  short dialogues using common everyday expressions.

I like them, but prefer "New English File" for older or more mature students in  the same levels.

10 Aug 2009     


I have had really good results with �English in Mind � when I used it with teens. For adults I use Face2face, CUP.

10 Aug 2009     


Cutting Edge Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced, and also Countdown to FCE... I �ve also used Adventures with my teenage sts - it �s great!

10 Aug 2009     


thank you all for your comments!!

11 Aug 2009