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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > In time or On time?    

In time or On time?

El Salvador

In time or On time?
What ´s the difference between ´In time ´ and ´on time ´ I ´ve been reading some explanations but I am not pretty sure I got it..... Can u please help me? Cry

16 Aug 2009      


I think in time means with time enough to wait for something or somebody, or let´s say, before the time of the meeting, for instance. Whereas on time means at the exact time of the meeting.

16 Aug 2009     


in time = early enough

I want to be home in time for tea.


on time = arriving at the correct time and not late

The train was on time.

edit: I agree with mjpa

16 Aug 2009     


I agree with mjpa and serene.  If you have an appointment at 5 o ´clock and you arrive, say, at 4.55 you ´re in time; whereas if you arrive at 5, you ´re on time.

16 Aug 2009     


yup, you ´re right... http://www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglish-central-grammar-prepositions-in-time-v-on-time.htm  

16 Aug 2009     


´ ´In time ´ ´ could also be used as a certain point in time, at some point in time and back in time.

You could also use ´ ´in time ´ ´ as things will change in time.



16 Aug 2009