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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Can you explain me a sentence, please?    

Can you explain me a sentence, please?

lucak (F)
Czech Republic

Can you explain me a sentence, please?

Can you explain me a sentence, please?

I found in a textbook this sentence:

You can still eat this pizza today in ANY pizza restaurant

Why is there used ANY in affirmative sentence instead of "some"?

17 Aug 2009      


I ´m not an expert. I would say that ´some ´ means some and ´any ´ here means something like ´most all ´
I would write the above sentence as ´You can still buy this pizza at almost any pizza restaurant ´ myself.
Good luck in your search for answers.

17 Aug 2009     

le ngoc qui

Hi! "any" can also be used in an affirmative sentence with a singular countable noun to refer to one of a number of things or people when it doesn ´t matter which one (ex: Take any book you like).
I hope this will be helpful

17 Aug 2009     


Any  is used in positive sentences to mean "one/s or the other/s"

Any time will suit me (= no special time/what you choose will be fine for me)

Edit: oops...sorry... It seems the three of us answered at the same time  Embarrassed

17 Aug 2009     

lucak (F)
Czech Republic

Thank you very much for your explanations. Smile

17 Aug 2009