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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > what - a relative pronoun?!    

what - a relative pronoun?!


what - a relative pronoun?!

Dear friends,

can you please help me with this pickle:

Is the sentence:

" He knew well what features are present in his Porsche what resulted in great amount of attractions which he provided on the road."

Is it possible to use which" (the red one) in this sentence?�

I �d greatly appreciate your help!

21 Aug 2009      


It �s still summer in my head, but I believe it should go like this...
" He knew well what features WERE present in his Porsche, WHICH resulted in A great NUMBER of attractions which he DISPLAYED on the road." (sorry for taking the liberty of changing some other words as well, it �s just that I �d probably say it like this)

21 Aug 2009     


I �m afraid the use of what in your sentence in incorrect.
it should be which as here the pronoun refers to the whole of the previous clause.

According to M. Swan what, that and how cannot be used in this way.
e.g. He got married 5 months later, which surprised everybody.

Hope it helps :)
Best wishes from Warsaw? Where do you live?

21 Aug 2009     


I would definitly say "which" and not "what".

21 Aug 2009     


Hmm...not sure...
Maybe somebody who knows more can make it clear.

What = all that,  

21 Aug 2009     


Please do not be offended as I do not mean to sound rude, but your sentence does not make sense at all...anitarobi �s posting make is much clearer. Also an english speaker would be more likely to say:
He knew FULL WELL.....
I hope this helps

21 Aug 2009     

United States

That is one confusing sentence!
I have no idea what the intention is with it - but I at least understand what
Anita is writing.

" He knew well what features are present in his Porsche what resulted in great amount of attractions which he provided on the road."

How can a car result in great attractions provided on the road?

This is garble.

21 Aug 2009     


Where did you find that pickle?Smile  The sentence is very strange in meaning as well as in grammar. What Anitarobi wrote sounds much better.

22 Aug 2009     

United Kingdom

As the subject of the relative clause is a thing we use �which �. �What � as a relative pronoun refers to �the things that � and so does not make sense in this instance.  I, too, think that he sentence sounds very odd: perhaps it means something like " He was well aware of  the features of his Porsche which attracted a great deal  of attention on the road."

22 Aug 2009     


Thanks to all of you!

This monster sentence was created when my supervisor at translation agency corrected my original sentence. He changed which into what and made a few other alterations, which I thought were incorrect (He is not a native speaker but he told me proofreading was made by an English language native, but I �m 99% sure he was the one who proofread it). I needed your help to know who �s right here.

Thank you. :*

22 Aug 2009