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Dear teachers,
can you help me with this stage direction? I don �t know why, but it sounds weird to me...
(They both go inside. Merriwoman follows them, but she hears Miss Prism and Dr Chasuble coming back into the garden and decides to stay.)
Is everything grammatical here?
Thanks, thanks, thanks...

23 Aug 2009      


Sounds good to me.
Hugfrom Israel.

23 Aug 2009     


I can �t find any mistakes either. Perhaps places are confusing for you - perhaps if you added...
 (They both go inside THE HOUSE. Merriwoman follows them, but she hears Miss Prism and Dr Chasuble coming back into the garden and decides to stay THERE.)
... but grammatically it seems fine to me. As lady bird says, perhaps some native speakers find sth...(which play is it, btw?)

23 Aug 2009     


There are no mistakes for me, either...

23 Aug 2009     


I guess the mistake is in the sentence "coming back" because I remember that I studied something like this "only memories come back" that is to say that this expression is only suitable for memories not for people. Maybe you can say "returning" or "going back " or "getting back" but not "coming back". Alright, maybe I �m wrong too, so I don �t know... I hope you liked it! Bye!

23 Aug 2009     


I agree with ladybird. "Come back" is perfectly fine. Actually the whole phrase is fine.Obviously, a woman started following (perhaps without them knowing it) two people inside a house (they were all in the garden before that), but when she heard them returning to the garden, she decided to stay there (maybe hidden)!!!!!!

Anyway, that �s what I think it means. It would be more clear if I read it in context, as words / phrases may mean different things by themselves but have a particular meaning in a particular context.

Hope I helped.

23 Aug 2009     


The sentence is perfectly correct.

23 Aug 2009     

United Kingdom

It �s from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde but the character is Merriman, the butler, rather than Merriwoman, so I presume you �re adapting the roles (and the action!!!) to suit your students (..and I agree that the sentences are fine).

23 Aug 2009     


Thank you very much for your kind answers!!
My adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest/A Midsummer Night �s Dream will be published in Sevilla (southern Spain) next October and I want everything to be "perfect". Thanks a lot and sorry if I ask you some more things these days...

24 Aug 2009