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ESL forum > Teaching material > to Greek state school teachers - coursebooks for Lyceum     

to Greek state school teachers - coursebooks for Lyceum


to Greek state school teachers - coursebooks for Lyceum
Hello dear friends!
As I was searching the net for the new list of approved books for Lyceum - it still hasn īt arrived at my school - I thought it would be very interesting to find out which coursebooks teachers all over Greece are using and whether they are content with them.
Two years ago I used Laser D (Macmillan) with my first graders and it worked very well in class. The units were split into lessons which fitted perfectly into our 45-minute classes. My students generally liked it a lot although in the end I decided that they needed a higher level coursebook. So last year I used Laser B1+, which I found somewhat uneven. I mean that although the reading passages are quite demanding, some of the tasks in the other sections (esp. vocabulary) are too simple. On the whole, what I liked most about Laser series is that the exercises in each unit (even in the workbook) are all directly related to the topic of the unit. They are not just a compilation of irrelevant sentences as I have seen in other coursebooks.
Of course, I always try to supplement my teaching with extra material I take from various sources - including ESL Printables - but I think that a suitable coursebook is still very important, at least for those of us who don īt have access to modern technological equipment.
This is why I would really appreciate your comments on the books you have been using.
Thanks a lot in advance!
Wishing you all a happy new school year!
Have a nice day!

26 Aug 2009