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Hi everybody!
I come to the almighty source of "english" knowledge in search of advice...
Does anybody know a good guide/reference book/webpage to teach grammar using computer programming vocabulary???
A student of mine is preparing an exam for Microsoft, and the same exam is given all over the world, so that means that language (English) should not be considered an obstacle... This student has a very basic level, so my idea is to teach him -at least- the basics of grammar, using the vocabulary he needs to understand for the exam...
What�s your advice??? 
- Thanks in advance
PS - I think I ll have to teach him all sort of grammar concepts...
Comparatives for instance....
But instead of teaching him
Subject A is taller / bigger than Subject B
I think it�d be better if I use examples like
Sotware A runs faster than Software
(Examples oriented to his subject field - Computers and programming vocabulary)

27 Aug 2009      


I �m teaching English for Computing and Programming, at a college; it �s my first semester, and I also need some material.
Thumbs Up
I �d be glad if someone can give me ideas, as well as websites where I can find material for my classes.
Thank you all.
Regards, Adriana

27 Aug 2009