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Could you help me?


Could you help me?
Hi everyone!
                        I adopted Friends United from Macmillan to use with my pre teens pupils I love these books. The problem is that here in Argentina we can only buy cassettes ( incredible when the pupils get a CD  with their books to work on their computers at home)
 The problem  is that my old tape recorder isn�t working properly  and when I wanted to buy a new one I discovered  that most of the devices don�t have tape players ,  or are much more expensive than the new ones, as no one here is buying them anymore. The editorial here told me that in Argentina they only have cassettes but ion other countries the teachers have CDs  for these books Friends United. Does any of you work with these books ?
 I tried to convert the cassettes to Cds  but it�s impossible for me . Any other suggestions? 
          Thank you for your help,
                                                         X O X O  PAt

27 Aug 2009      


Oh, my dear, unfortunatly I am very poor when it �s coming to computer abilities..so i cannot tell you how can you convert a cassette into a CD, but what I can do is to assure you that it can be done. Maybe you could ask someone who knows better the pc stuff and ....he/she will do it.
I �m sorry I couldn �t do more for you,

27 Aug 2009     


Well, I have a cassette player that I connect to the computer with a wire (I don �t know how to call it in English) and through a programme, "Claudio", I download the cassette in the computer and then I masterize the content in a CD.
I hope it was clear...it �s difficult to explain technical things in English! Unhappy

27 Aug 2009     

Czech Republic

Yes, you can connect the computer with the audio "jack"
just buy a wire (4 dollars) which has two jacks (it is the same metal thing as at the end of the headphones´ wire of your discman...)
Borrow a cassette player and connect the headphone jack with the audio input in your computer (there are usually three "holes" - one for microphone (red), one for loudspeakers (green) AND one for the audio input. There is a sort of pictograph ((->))
Insert the jack into this hole "Line In" ((->))
Download a free audio mastering software - Audacity or other.
Choose "Line In" - source of sound
Click on "Record button" in Audacity (red circle)
and click on "Play" at cassette recorder...
The recording starts...

When recording finished, you can "highlight" parts of the audio save chapters one by one...

Goodluck... It takes time, but it is possible and it won �t cost you much...

27 Aug 2009     


Thank you moravc, you are great! I didn �t know I could do it with Audacity. It �s much better than "Claudio".
ByeThumbs Up

27 Aug 2009     

South Africa

While you �re on the topic of Audacity I �m not sure if you all know that this is a GREAT program for recording audio books. Do the teachers here make use of LIBRIVOX.ORG?  Execellent resource for audio recordings.  Those of you worried about copyright laws etc rest assured that Librivox only uses stories that are in the public domain (ie written before 1920).  I recommend using this site...and if you feel adventurous and creative - record a few books yourself (or at least a chapter or 2).  I �ve considered using my students to record a few chapters and posting them on librivox.  Anyone tried this before?

27 Aug 2009     


Hi Pat,
I do use Friends United, and as Silke said, have always had all the necessary support from their local representatives. Here in Brazil the bok comes in s pack: student �s book + workbook/self-study worksheets + CD-ROM/Songs CD + Audio CDs (the very same class cds teachers use) and their price is great. I run a project called BASIC- B.A. for Social Inclusion and Citizenship- and I �m currently using this book, which was kindly donated by Macmillan with a group of teens. As they live in the same charity house they don �t need each of their cds, so I can send you an original Friends United 1 cd if you PM me.
All the best,

28 Aug 2009