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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > english with different purposes    

english with different purposes

Mouna mch

english with different purposes
hi again
when talking about teaching English I �ve noticed that we are not talking about the exact thing!!!
why do you teach English for your learners?
are they interested? thanks to your efforts or...?
so many great ideas i can come across in this site but, actually a big BUT, how to
apply them is the problem!
in my case my classes are overcrowded.. about 45 learners ! and I teach about 7 classes so... you can do the calculation!!!
i like to bring charts, game boardes and everything nice to my classroom but, a big one again, it is so expensive here without mentioning the idea of handouts!! it is my nightmare to make that huge sum!!
another problem is that of CBA that we are applying in our schools..
the idea is to contextualize every single grammar or phonological point   ... etc in a way that goes with the whole curriculum! and it is hard and tames me along time to do it!
what about you? any similar dificulties?

28 Aug 2009      

Mariethe House

large number of students!! I do not envy youSmile, although this year I will have two classes of 30 students!
What I am going to do, this year to compensate for the large number, I am going to divide the class in two groups, once a week or so.. And I will work orally with one group for one period and the other group will be doing a reading comprehension at the same time and for the next period, I will change over! Of course I will need some good organization but i used to work like that before . PM Me if you want some help or ask for more information.

As far as teaching methods are concerned, we have the same obligations in the French system! As you say, it is a lot of work! Actually our course books are geared that way which makes it easier for us!  There again if you want to exchange ideas, you are welcome to PM me .

Bon courage!!

28 Aug 2009     

Mouna mch

merci Mariethe .. i will 4 sure need your help..
so.. i will keep in touch..

28 Aug 2009     


Great advice, Mariethe! Mouna, for you teaching must feel like a marathon - I really congratulate your stamina and enthusiasm. As for wss and handouts, I also like to save money and time sometimes and do sth without them, so I use lots of wordgames which basically need a whiteboard or just my sts. I can only imagine how you feel, because group games in your case are really difficult. But group division and pair work - that �s great. Mariethe really gave you good advice! Good luck!

28 Aug 2009     

Adel A

Dear Friend
   Our friends around the world think that 45 students is a big number but for me is a good and suitable number because in our governmental schools in Egypt you can see 50 and 60 ss in a poor class .We are destined in our countries to face such big numbers.Anyhow,you can make short booklets .you can also collect the different worksheets  and ask the ss to photocopy them .Cooperation between families is part and parcel in our case.Of course,I know the difference between aclass of 20ss as here where i work in Saudi Arabia and In Egypt .Still motivation is the backbone of the educational process .I assure u that the ss in Egypt of 55ss in class are much better because of their high motivation.Any how see my printables there is aworkshop on teaching aids it can help u
thanks and remember me to Algeria the land of million ms iam sorry if there any mistake iam in a hurry

28 Aug 2009     


Yes Mouna I do understand your concern very well for we are in the same situation. At that difference we in secondary school have some freedom of action concerning the textbooks.
I know that (not sure for you; I don �t know where you are in Algeria) most inspectors for the middle school are very sticky to the textbook.

@Mariethe House
don �t think we can do this here in Algeria especially in the "middle school" because of the incredible time schedules for the students (30 to 35 hours a week) as for the teachers (24 to 26 hours in class; middle sch). And it �s nearly impossible in Mouna �s case (7 classes) even if she does it during her free time. Isn �t it Mouna? This, without talking about the new "Weekend" (2 whole days) which will make the next coming back a real mess.

However, some of Adel �s ideas are fine concerning the financial side of the issue as long as you are allowed to do this.

I think, Mouna, the only thing we can get here for this issue is some encouragement and that will be much enough. In my opinion at least.

Wish you (us) a lot of courage and patience.


EDIT: This, without talking about the new "Weekend" (2 whole days instead of 1 day and 1/2) without any change in the programs content for all subjects. It will make the next coming back a real mess.

29 Aug 2009     


I plan for 20 different students every week, the photocopying is a nightmare. Some students are interested, some just talk on their cell phone the entire hour.

29 Aug 2009     


For the problem of grammar contextualization, Mouna, don �t worry too much about it. This is something you have always done. It is just a matter of terminology. Weren �t you (before the famous CBA) used to make your SS do their best to give examples on a certain grammar points from their personal experience or daily life (conditional, passive voice, reported speech...). And in writing to talk about real situations using the studied grammar. Isn �t this contextualization? 

29 Aug 2009