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problem based learning


problem based learning
need to demo using problem based learning,,
do you have a sample lesson plan in english using PBL?
please,,, thank you!

29 Aug 2009      

Mouna mch

hi again..
PBL means to give your learners a situation question:
eg  (exam sheet)
you red an ad on your school notice board about a writing competition. here is the ad
Do you want to win a nice prize? here is your chance!
participate in the yearly writing competition.
Write a report about your favorite pet.
for more information see the adminstratio.
you want to participate in the copmetition. write your report and deliver it to the school adminstration.
here your learners are facing a problem situation!
in other words they have to think:
whom am i writing to?
why am i writing?
what am i writing about?
what should i /shouldn īt mention?
a PBL is to make your learners face a life like situation and to be able to solve it .

29 Aug 2009     

United Kingdom


29 Aug 2009     

Mouna mch

the whole idea of PBL is based on teacher creating situatios by showing a picture or playing a tape, giving handouts, texts... that is very much real or life like or similar to the learners experience.
this should contain a problem, for instance who is it? what is he doing? which tense is used? how? why?other forms that can replace....?
because here the learners will responde to this problem situation by using their own skills and competencies.
yes because you are teaching learners to use English as a tool in a real life, so at least make them face life like situation in the classroom!

29 Aug 2009