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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Doubt on Pronunciation    

Doubt on Pronunciation


Doubt on Pronunciation
Hi everyone!
I have a question on pronunciation which maybe you can solve.
Why " blood" is pronounced as / blod/ and words like mood, scoop or wood  are pronounced like / muud/skuup/ and /wuud/?
I tried to find the answer in Google, but I really don�t know where to check this type of questions .
Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance!

1 Sep 2009      

United States

I �m not sure of the answer either... But it does have the same sound as "flood", so perhaps it is because of the letter "l"?

However, do remember that language is always changing, expanding, and borrowing. This could be the result of dialects that have changed the pronunciation over the years. Anyone else have more information? I think this is a fascinating topic that always interests and confuses my students (not only this word, but hundreds of other words).

1 Sep 2009     


English seems to have many exeptions to the rule.   The reality is that often words are so old no one really knows where they come from. Likely the reason we pronounce something strangely is because it was stolen from another language.  Blood is Proto Germanic.
Most of those abreviations don �t even make sense to me...so my friend helped me find this:





1 Sep 2009     


Thanks a lot for your answers! I agree that this is a fascinating topic, and I was just curious about it, so thank you again!

1 Sep 2009     

Hong Kong

Wood is not pronounced like scoop and mood (these have the long u sound). Wood is like good or book. Wood, good, look and took all have the same sound and it is the short oo. Jessicae, if you are a native Spaniard you will pronounce these words differently than a native English speaker. You will put the Spanish vowels into them.  This is why you are confusing some of the sounds.  The oo sound in blood and flood are the schwa sound. 

1 Sep 2009     


Blood and flood are pronounced like cut or son, it �s an apical a. At least that �s the RP pronunciation.

1 Sep 2009     


The sound in blood and flood is the one known as "the roof" and is represented by a v upside down. It sounds as the vowel sound in cut. I think the difference in pronunciation between these words and words such as scoop and mood comes from word etymology, as me_fig has said before.
Hope this helps!

1 Sep 2009