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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > MARK, ASSESSMENT, EVALUATION    


Sara Almeida

Hi guys from ESL
Please, tell what is the difference between MARK, ASSESSMENT and EVALUATION and wich one should I use in my students � tests...
Thanks in advance

2 Sep 2009      


MARK ..is a number which you give to your students � performance on their exercises. I mean it �s only a number.

But before that, if you �ve already set important criterias in a rubric  (this is a helping tool for teachers to judge or objectively EVALUATE students � works .), and you use it to give marks to students.  This is a kind of ASSESSMENT. Assessment do turns the marks (scores) to become more specific. 
Personally, ASSESSMENT and RUBRICS are benefit for difficult ESL tasks such as writing essays, giving oral presentations, doing project works, etc. Because of the difficulty of doing objectively evaluate students � performances, assessment will help teachers not to forget their specific criterias on the field.
Hope this can help you. Smile

2 Sep 2009     


Hi there Sara,

Mark is a grade or the verb in itself. To grade a paper is to "mark" it. Give it a grade whether it be a number or a letter.


I marked the exams late last night. // The students � marks were great. // His mark on the test was a "C".


During an Evaluation, there is an assessment of "things, concepts, or abilities". BUT you could also just say, "during an evaluation, the teacher must evaluate  "things, concepts, or abilities".

In other words "evaluate and assess" are quite similar. And truthfully, it all depends on how they are being used.

An assessment of a students abilities isn �t usually a formal thing, you are just keeping track every so often. You do a few assessments as you build up to a final "evaluation".

Evaluation is more "formal" i.e. important and it takes into account all the student (person) has done during a certain time period. It is also marked usually or given a "grade" of some sort.

Hope that helps somewhat. 

2 Sep 2009     

Sara Almeida

Thank you Mderella and Zora! Heart
You are very nice! Thumbs Up
Hugs from Portugal  Hug

2 Sep 2009