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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > I need some help    

I need some help


I need some help
Can you help with this? I �m a little bit confused Confused
With this lovely weather there ..... to be millions of people on the beach
a) are
b) are certain
c) are certainly
d) will certain
B is supposed to be correct answer, but it sounds weird. Is that correct???

5 Sep 2009      


Yes Cecilia, B is definitely the correct answer... �certain to be � is a common expression meaning �there is no doubt that there will be �.

5 Sep 2009     


The correct sentence is, according to me...

With this lovely weather there will certainly be millions of people on the beach.

I think none of the options is correct.

5 Sep 2009     

Amanda W

Yes Cecilia,
     Johanne is right. B is correct.

5 Sep 2009     


If the sentence can be changed a bit maybre we can say...

With this lovely weather there are certainly millions of people on the beach.

But ...

With this lovely weather there are certain to be millions of people on the beach.

Seems completely weird to me.

5 Sep 2009     


Sorry Example B is quite common.
We particularly use it with "sure"
eg There is sure to be a crowd at the nightclub tonight.
There is certain to be a lot of food at the wedding.
There are sure to be a lot of hot guys at the concert.
With all that beer there is sure to be a fight tonight.
So right or wrong it is common and not at all weird.
Cheers Joy

5 Sep 2009     


I have to agree totally with Joy. It �s an expression which is used a lot:) Rosemary

5 Sep 2009     


Thanks Joy you teach something new.

But is it "correct" or "common"? You that the one does always imply the other.

5 Sep 2009     


I agree with Goodness, B) sound awful!!! I would say "will certainly be millions of people..."

5 Sep 2009     


I checked and it seems your right Joy for it is common but I could not find anything in reference grammar books. For the moment. It would be nice if someone could post any.

5 Sep 2009     


I agree with goodnesses and borna. I would say "there will certanly be". However, I don �t know if you need an expression which is gramatically correct, or frequently used. What �s the aim of the exercise? When it comes to usage, we all have expressions in our languages that are not gramatically correct, but we use all the time in colloquial contexts. 
Anyway, none of the other choices would be right, either. You could say: "There are to be", ((not) to be to do sht), but the context would be wrong, as it �s used for instructions. I don �t think it can be used for deductions.
I �ll check it out...

5 Sep 2009     

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