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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Prepositions again!    

Prepositions again!


Prepositions again!
Hi again, friends:
could you tell me if the use of prepositions is correct in these sentences?
Context: character moving on a stage
a) Puck comes to the front. (meaning that he gets closer to the audience. do you suggest another way of saying it...?)
b) Puck disappears on the left.
Thanks in advance!!!

10 Sep 2009      


Sounds fine to me. 

10 Sep 2009     


Hi, dear Ladybird - yes,  you can,  
but on the left - means on the left side of the stage.  Which I would think sounds a bit better.

11 Sep 2009     

United Kingdom

Hi Joserick,
 The area nearest the audience is �downstage � so the stage direction should be: Puck moves downstage.
Stage directions are always given from the point of view of the actor, not the audience, so if you mean that he exits on the right from the audience �s point of view, the second stage direction should be: Puck exits stage left (downstage left if his point of exit is nearest the audience or upstage left is he is furthest away from the audience or simply stage left if his exit is midway between these two) ;  of course, if he exits on the left from the audience �s point of view the stage direction will read: Puck exits stage right (abbreviated SR, or DSR or USR).

11 Sep 2009