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ESL forum > Teaching material > How to identify mammals    

How to identify mammals


How to identify mammals
Just sharing with u this information that i used to teach my son to identify mammals and eggs laying animals.
All animals which have appearnat ears or even a hole as an ear give birth and then called mammals. It �s 100% true, as whales and dolphins have been scientificly proven to have those hole ears. The Bat is an example too.
Take care

11 Sep 2009      

Olindalima ( F )

hi Ahlam

Your post is quite interesting, I had never noticed that ears / holes could be related to mammals, but this reminded me of another very funny thing. Years and years ago I had a very small turtle/ tortoise ( ???? ), with a lovely green and yellow shelter.
My problem is that, as far as I could see, she/he had no ears/holes. Her/his name was Freedom, and whenever I shouted
" Freedom, ham!"
she/he would run from wherever she/he could be and came to fetch a thin, small, little bit of ham.
i bet she could hear me.

11 Sep 2009     


Hi OlindaLima and Ahlam,

Very interesting post! I like your cute little story OlindaLima, you made me smile!
I was just thinking: isn �t a tortoise the one which is acquatic and turtle the one which is most commonly found as pet at home?.

11 Sep 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Judith
I guess you are right, but my problem is that I am never able to take them apart. Which one is the one that lives where ? See my problem? Sometimes I am not able to sleep, because of this doubt. I would love to have a real TURTLE, but my bath is too small and then, where would I have my shower?Hug
C u

11 Sep 2009     


Well Judith, I think it �s the opposite! Turtles live in the sea, and we keep tortoises as pets... correct me if I �m wrong!
A hug from sunny Alentejo

11 Sep 2009     


I think we keep baby turtles and tortoises are in the sea.  But, I am probably wrong.
Isn �t it amazing though, that as English teachers we also have to be Biologists.  We aren �t limited to one subject like other teachers are.

11 Sep 2009     

United States

tortoises are land animals and turtles are water animals--I always remember by thinking of the giant sea turtle.
This means that the Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles belong in an aquariumWink
Are owls mammals (they have ears)?

14 Sep 2009