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Watch out!

Miss Paulaey

Watch out!
Hi there!
I ve found out that a worksheet in here about "An Englishman in New York" song by dani05031985 happens to be exactly the same as one that appeared in

www.esl-galaxy.com Copyright 2005  Futonge Kisito.

I ve already reported it. What do you think? Check it out by yourselves...


15 Sep 2009      


Youre right, although you can just report it and let the moderators do the rest.
this is the link that it was taken from: http://www.esl-galaxy.com/music.htm?zoom_highlight=an+englishman+in+new+york

15 Sep 2009     


I checked the link, bt wasn t able to reach the ws. In fact even if we saw two identical worksheet we should 1st ask the person or just send an email to those responsible for the site to investigate and ask b4 taking actions or acusing others. one of the options is both ws belong to the same person who is a member in both sites.
However, we can t ignore that the ws might hv been stolen
Away from this insident, i have always thought. As teachers we smtimes hv the same thoughts about a certain language item wn producing ws and may b smtimes we happen 2 use wt s available of cliparts in our microsoft office. this leads in similar to semi-identical ws not only in this wonderful site bt even smwhere else.
Take care

15 Sep 2009     


Unfortunately, this is not the case of a coincidence or an innocent mistake.
Don t worry, Ahlam, moderators have checked everything thoroughly. If only you knew how many - loads and loads! - of stolen and copied worksheets are uploaded every day, you would be shocked at the ethics of some teachers!

15 Sep 2009     

mary jo

for Christ s sake!! why don t you mind your own bussiness people!!??.. don t you know there are a lot of users who copy the material from other sources???... Find it out yourselves..

15 Sep 2009     



Dear mary jo - you are out of line with your comment and tone.  
It is our business when people upload other peoples wss as their own on this site because it compromises the integrity of the wonderful site Victor has created for us.
That is why the moderating system was created.  Unfortunately,  too many wss are also being stolen from members of our site. 
So if you don t mind,  we will go on minding our business of keeping this site clean.

15 Sep 2009     


And I add, it s not the case to swear for this sort of reasons!

15 Sep 2009     


Hi Mary Jo. I see you ve uploaded a page from the net... the cells are still there. You may use it in your classroom, but this site is for original contributions, didn t you know?

15 Sep 2009     


gee mary joe - was that little outburst really necessary? 

15 Sep 2009     

Czech Republic

I understand why is Mary Jo so upset. Her contributions are being reported almost every day because she belongs among these people who are not sending their own contributions but other user s and from different websites.
Dear Mary Jo - most of the people here is working hard to create useful worksheets and so we mind our business by trying to keep this site clear of cheaters (as eng789 said above).

15 Sep 2009     


Thanks for the clarification. This issue always happens in daily school life that s y i keep my name on all my original work with fresh school stamp and date but i guess with e-copies it is impossible.
Wish u all a very productive & creative academic year

15 Sep 2009     

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