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Stolen worksheets


Stolen worksheets
Today I īve seen something very bad: arielka and liati stolen my tenses ī cards; arielka changed only the pictures, liati changed only the text. But the most uncomfortable thing was to see that they had a lot of points, even positive comments by teachers for whom I had admiration... It īs not very supporting. I īm so sad Cry

20 Sep 2009      


Hi, Silvia!

Sorry, I was one of the members who downloaded the stolen ws and as I always do, I thanked the person who I thought was the ws creator. Sorry, I really had no idea they were stolen - I īm an absent-minded person - and after you wrote here I realized I have also downloaded yours!

At least, when the wss are deleted, the member will lose all the points he got unfairly.

I (and other moderators as well) started looking for stolen and non-ESL material among the following day contributions, to make sure they īll be removed before they are available for free downloads, but sometimes we just can īt make it on time and people download the stolen material without being aware of its procedence.

I apologize and promisse to pay more attention next time.


20 Sep 2009     


Sorry to be a bit direct but members don īt have that huge perfect photographic memory for  more than 200, 000 WS. Sometimes we can īt even remember if we had downloaded the same WS and how many times. So a great deal of the site preservation job relies on the real owners themselves. They just have to report the WS when they are sure they are exact copies of their own ones.

20 Sep 2009     

manonski (f)

Hi Silvia
I īm sure that most well-admired teachers as you call them did not know they were downloading a stolen printable.
I know it is disappointing but it īs hard to remember all the printables we īve downloaded or seen.

21 Sep 2009     


You are right that it īs really difficult to remember all the ws, but they stolen, modified and uploaded the very next day!!! I think I īm having a pause in uploading. See you soon. Thanks Zailda...

21 Sep 2009