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Tag Questions


Tag Questions

Hello, could you please help me with the tag questions of the following sentences?

1.- Beware of the dog, _____________? (don�t you?)
2.- Don�t look at me like that, _____________? ( do you?)
I�ve put in parenthesis the answers that for me are the correct ones.
I found these sentences in a grammar book and I could not solve them

28 Sep 2009      


Look your PM.

28 Sep 2009     


The first one I would write will you, but the second one sounds strange... I wouldn �t use it with a tag question...

28 Sep 2009     


I believe that with the Imperative form the question tag is in the future and it is always (?) in the affirmative.

1. Beware of that dog, will you?
2. Don �t look at me like that, will you?


28 Sep 2009     


This is what I �ve found:

Question tags with imperatives

Sometimes we use question tags with imperatives (invitations, orders), but the sentence remains an imperative and does not require a direct answer. We use won �t for invitations. We use can, can �t, will, would for orders.


imperative + question tag



Take a seat, won �t you?



Help me, can you?

quite friendly

Help me, can �t you?

quite friendly (some irritation?)

Close the door, would you?

quite polite

Do it now, will you?

less polite

Don �t forget, will you?

with negative imperatives only will is possible


28 Sep 2009     


I think that with imperatives the question tags are

will you?  won �t you? would you? can you? could you?

But after negative imperatives will you? is used.

28 Sep 2009     

United Kingdom

I think the expected answer determines whether will you or won �t you is used with number 1.  If the speaker is confident that the answer will be �Yes, of course �, then �Won �t you � is used.  If the speaker is unsure of the reply, then �Will you � is appropriate.
With the negative imperative, only �will � is grammatically accurate, but I would agree with Carla that it �s a very odd sentence and I wouldn �t use a tag question at all.

28 Sep 2009     


Both answers should be: WILL YOU?
It doesn �t matter if the imperative is affirmative or negative, the tag question is always (+) and with WILL YOU!!!!!!
That �s what I learned and that �s what I teach my students (*.*)

28 Sep 2009     


Thanks a lot for your replies, I�ve learnt something new

29 Sep 2009     


Agree . Will you? would be the appropriate one.
Silvi :)

29 Sep 2009     


Hi everyone
In my opinion these are both quite odd sentences.
In the first, I think you would find that native speakers would use will you or won �t you (if they use a tag question at all).  They would do this for the reason that Ballycastle1 stated.  Actually, I hear people say watch out for the dog, won �t you.
I think the second is less odd: Don�t look at me like that, will you?  I think I �ve heard people say this many times when they are getting an unusual look/stare from someone.

According to my grammar book basically will you / won �t you / would you/ can you / can �t you  are used with imperatives and will you is theoretically the only grammatically correct option for negative imperative.  But I think it is different in practice ... because English doesn �t always follow the rules and it may be different in different countries


29 Sep 2009     

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