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maria da rosa

 Please people,

 I have a doubt about my points.I have 40 points.If download 40 exercises I will not be a premium member anymore?

 Please help me,



29 Sep 2009      


oi maria:once you are a premium member you are a premium member and you can download 30 for free every day(from the new contributions)at least that´s the way i think it is.I´m quite new too.

29 Sep 2009     


I was wondering the same and I ´m a newbieas well so I ´d like to know that too.

29 Sep 2009     


Hi, welcome!

When you have 30 points you become into a premium member. That means you can download 30 free worksheets every day, but be careful: they have to be "recent contributions". If you download any other, they will take your points (one per worksheet you download).

29 Sep 2009     

Czech Republic

Dear newbies,
You will be premium member forever, but it would be really nice if you could contribute from time to time...
Imagine, you can download 10,000 original worksheets per year FOR FREE !
So it is polite to pay back a little :-) Who knows, maybe you can become one of the best contributors of your country... Maybe you´ll win a star :-)) Just try, and you´ll see...
Don´t be shy... all original worksheets welcomed :-D and you can LEARN a lot here!
Other members can help you to become an excellent designer, painter, grammar expert, boardgame creator or the best teacher at your school...
This site is really unique :-D

29 Sep 2009     


I ´m a brand new member.
I ´m going to share my references as well as to download from yours. Howerver, I have no point.
Please contribute for me and then I will reply you soon!
Thanks a lot Thumbs Up

29 Sep 2009