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Working with MOODLES


Working with MOODLES
Hello! We �re being asked, in part due to the swine flu epidemic, to work with MOODLES. Have any of you ever worked with this system? Would you recommand it? Was it really helpful to you?

29 Sep 2009      


Yes, I have worked with moodle and it �s really helpful. I provided a password to some members, I �m going to try get it back, because I don �t remember it. As soon as I get it, I �ll send it to you, so that you can watch how I displayed the entire curriculum on-line.
My best regards.
Idalina Jorge

29 Sep 2009     


It �s called MOODLE. We had a thread about it a couple of days ago, I �m sure you �ll find it. Plenty of information there.... good luck!

29 Sep 2009     


Hello, dear friends, what is Moodles? Thank you and Ciao

29 Sep 2009     



I have heard about moodle, but I have never used it. edlerverein mentioned that the topic was brought up a couple of days ago, and it actually was. If anyone is interested in it they mentioned a webpage from where you can get information about it. It copy it here again
http://docs.moodle.org/en/About_Moodle I just had a quick look and it looks quite interesting.
@nikadixon, I would be really interested in seeing how you worked with moodle, so please let us know if you can show us how you used it. Thanks

29 Sep 2009     


As I wrote a couple of days ago, my school has been working with Moodle for one year now. The first year it was quite a chaos- imagine all the teachers in a school, most of them in their 40s-50s and having little idea of how a computer works apart from sending a few mails from time to time- but this year our moodle " plattform"-as we call it- seems to work much better and it looks more " professional".
My school is not a "regular " school, but a place where student go just to prepare for the University Entrance Examination. So we help them prepare all the subjects for that final examination.
We decided to use Moodle just as part of the syllabus, so all the "theory" has been uploaded there and we have added both extra activities and assessment activities.
We divided each sunject into different units ( English subject has divided into different Grammar topics: Word Order, Articles, Pronouns, Present Tenses, Past Tenses,etc. ). And each unit is divided into 3 categories: CONTENTS, EXTRA ACTIVITIES AND ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES.

CONTENTS: Includes a pdf document with the grammar explanation for each topic; it also has a very visual sketch of the explanation ( designed for those who have a visual memory) and sometimes a youtube video is also included with the ex`planation of the topic.

EXTRA ACTIVITIES: Includes readings ( graded), grammar and vocabulary exercises.

ASSESSMENT: Includes a grammar test, where the students�knowledge is tested, plus some other exercises on vocabulary and grammar.
An online task is also included here , so the students have to write a composition ( online) and they send it to you via e-mail. You can correct it and send it back online.

The ADVANTAGE: They are supposed to attend classes, but this system allows them to skip some lessons and to be able to follow the rythm of the class at the same time. Each time a new topic has been explained in class, this topic is opened in the Moodle, with all the information and exercises to do.

The DISADVANTAGE: Well, the truth is that it takes some time before students get used to this system. They are not quite familiar with e-learning (yet) and at least at the beginning all you hear is complaints about how difficult it is,etc.

Bufff, sorry , I think I wrote too much!!!
BTW, the good news is that Moodle accepts HOT POTATOES , which is great for us, English Teachers!!! :-)
I hope I helped

29 Sep 2009     


Thanks a lot, you �ve been very helpful. I �ve found the previous talk on Moodle on the forum too. It seems interesting, I just hope it �s not going to take too much time!Sleepy

29 Sep 2009     


Miss Britanny, it �s not moodle which is time consuming: it �s the time we spend looking for appropriate materials: you can use whatever type of document, word, mediaplayer, ppt, pdf, videos, online exercises like this one. http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/exercises/tenses/going_to_future_statements.htm
I don �t know what level you teach, but aftab57 has also provided a lot of links. I �ve emailed Gordon to send me the password I provided.
SS get easily used to work with this platfrom.

29 Sep 2009