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ESL forum > > Copying-Cheating-Not Accepting....    

Copying-Cheating-Not Accepting....


Copying-Cheating-Not Accepting....
Good morning everyone ( good afternoon , good evening -depending on where you are- good night to those who cheat and don ´t accept!)
 ... Witnessing all the chaos in these last few weeks about people cheating and not being able to accept the fact that they cheat, i want to come clean Ouch ! If anyone has downloaded my conversation sheets, i would like to say that im sorry for not reading the site rules! If you take a closer look at the material you will see that some of the questions have been taken from www.iteslj.org .., and now i will tell you why.
I work in a private english school here in sardinia(italy) . we have a sala chat where about 250 students pass through each week. here in the salal chat students come to socialize and practice their spoken english, our work hours are from 10:30 - 12:30 and 15:30 - 20:30 ... we have 3 tables with different levels.. we spend quite a lot of time to prepare topics for the students each week. at times we use material from other sites ( www.iteslj.org , www.esldiscussions.com) . when we prepare the material for the tables we use other sites for ideas to create our own material instead of just printing material directly from the other sites!. i then came across this site and saw all the wonderful material prepared by everyone here. so i thought to myself, hey this is a goldmine what do i have to do... i saw that to download i had to upload, and so i decided to put some of ´our ´ material up ... the response was good (133 downloads Thumbs Up thank you!) -- most of the material which i take from here is material for the elementary level.. a lot of flashcards. 
but i promise not to upload more material with questions taken from these other sites..  
hoping for your cooperation Hug     --Arjun!Big smile

30 Sep 2009      


Wow. It takes a person with a lot of courage to admit to something like this.
I respect you very much for this.
I hope your association with us will be of mutual benefit in the future.
Good on you!  Thumbs Up

30 Sep 2009     

Czech Republic

I must agree with joy2bill - and you ´ve got all my respect too.Clap

I only wish all the cheaters were so honest as you. Most of them keep quiet but some are really loud when reported and even attack moderators and other members.

I hope we will see your work here soon.

Take care, Michaela

30 Sep 2009     


Michaela and Joy,
    ThanksThumbs Up a lot for the response! I respect both of you after going through the wonderful Star stuff that both of you share with everyone ! You guys inspire me! I really hope to be able to share my ideas and contribute to this ever growing family. Smile
  Not to leave anyone out of this, the senior members, thank you as well for all the work and effort to keep this a clean and original site. Hats off to Victor for he has created something special.
  And everyone else, you guys are also part of this so lets just move on and become stronger !
Cheers people!  

1 Oct 2009