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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Apostrophy possession with S?    

Apostrophy possession with S?


Apostrophy possession with S?
I can �t seem to find a definite answer to the question whether I should or shouldn �t use �s after a word or name that ends in S.

Is it Carlos � bike, or Carlos �s bike?

What about the goose �s egg?

Iquitos � population or Iquitos �s population?

How about Mr. Jones � neighbors or Mr. Jones �s neighbors?

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

Mr. Gart
Iquitos, Peru

3 Oct 2009      

United States


The boy �s bedroom


The boys � rooms

Names that end with s

Mr.  Jones � neighbors or Mr.  Jones �s neighbours are both right.

3 Oct 2009     


Thanks Libertybelle!
My name �s Charles, and I �ve never known the answer to that question!
All the best,

3 Oct 2009     

United States

It can be confusing Charles.

Mr. Gart:
Even though you can write the short version:
The Jones � house - it is still pronounced
The Jone-ses house.

Many of my students have names that end with S
and they put the apostrophe behind the S.
That way they avoid " S inflation"!!!Thumbs Up

forgot one more:
The children �s bedroom or bedrooms.

3 Oct 2009     

alien boy

I haven �t come across that pronunciation rule (Jones � being pronounced Jones-es) before.

Might it be an Americanism rather than a universal English pronunciation?

I �d love some comment from other native speakers as to their experience!


p.s. Here´s a link to Learning English/BBC World Service that supports my thought about the pronunciation recommended as being a local variation:


4 Oct 2009