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Suggestions please!!


Suggestions please!!
Hi Everybody!! Well, I am teaching a doctor who is going to live to England in two months. She learned the present simple tense (To Be and other verbs - Do/Does + adverbs of frequency + the time, etc). I would like to teach her the Past Simple tense and some functions such as "At the restaurant," "At the bus station," "At the airport," etc. I�m planning to do this because I think she will need this knowledge to communicate... However, I only have two months to teach her, and I think It �s not enough time to make her practice. I �ll try to do my best. She is very clever and she is very quick at learning... Do you think I am going in the right track? Do you think she will learn or at least have a clear idea about these topics? Do I include other topics to be taught? Any teaching material is welcome!!! Thank you a lot! A big hug from Argentina,

6 Oct 2009      


Hi Sabri!!

I think you are doing the right thing and I also think your student can contribute to her own teaching experience. What will she be doing in England? Will she be studying, working or vacationing? According to the situation you can both analyze what she is going to need, and  prepare lessons that help her cope with what she needs. If it is related to studies and work it will be very important to provide her with tools and strategies to succeed in her goals.
On the other hand, situations like dialogs at the restaurant, bank, bus station, at the shops are definitely a must since she will have to face these everyday situations.
Good luck and I am sure you �ll find the best way to do it!

6 Oct 2009     


I have just finished teaching a doctor and I only had one week!  Yes, I did present simple, present continuous, past, modals and future and then vocab for everything.  I did bank worksheets and tried to do roleplays.  Here is a great link that I found www.hospitalenglish.com .  Here there are a load of scenarios and vocabulary all to do with hospitals and medicine.
Hope this helps

6 Oct 2009