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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Already-yet    



Hi, would you accept this sentence:
Have you already done your homework?
I have always said:
Have you done your homework yet?
I �ve found the first sentence in an exercise of my students � grammar book, so I was wondering if we can really use it...
Thanks a lot for your answer!

6 Oct 2009      


I think the first form is the correct one because "yet" is used with negative sentences , like in "I haven�t done it yet".

6 Oct 2009     


I would not use � �have you already done your homework � � unless you are sure that the answer will be yes.
I believe already is used in affirmative sentences and not in questions unless you  know the answer will be affirmative.
I would go with Have you done your homework yet? � �

6 Oct 2009     

alien boy

�Have you already done your homework? �, rather than being purely affirmative, if you want to use it (& it is perfectly valid as a question form).. I �d use in situations where you want to inquire/remind your students well before the homework is due.

�Have you done your homework yet? � can be used at any time. My preference would be to use this question not long before or on the day that the homework is due if you are also going to �Have you ... already? �

Cheers & good night!

6 Oct 2009     


Have you done your homework yet? is usually considered the correct form, dear Chiaras.
"Pure" grammar: already for affirmative; yet for negative and interrogative.
Are you buying Christmas cards already? It �s only  October!, meaning earlier than expected, some kind of feeling surprised.
So, in "pure" pragmatic termsLOL, meaning I�m so surprised that your homework is already done, the other form is also admissable.
See you all around, dear members.
Idalina Jorge  

6 Oct 2009     


Have you already done your homework?  is perfectly fine
answers   -    Yes, I �ve done my homework.
                      No,  I haven �t done it yet.

6 Oct 2009     


Thank to you all! I �m still a bit confused because you gave me so different answers. Anyway, I think I will go on using sentence number 2, but as far as I can understand from some of you, "already" is also acceptable in particular cases. Further suggestons would be appreciated, so that I can clear this matter!

6 Oct 2009     

United States

Both sentences are grammatically correct. You simply need to decide the objective in asking the question.

Are you surprised that the child has finished their homework sooner than you expected? Then say, "Have you already done your homework?" Or, you can also place "already" at the end by saying, "Have you done your homework already?"

In a different case, are you asking the child about the homework before they can go play with their friends (for example)? Then, "Have you done your homework yet?" is appropriate.

The meaning is slightly changed with the use of "already" or "yet", but both are correctly used as far as grammar goes.

6 Oct 2009     


Here is something that may help you.

As Nikadixon said you can use it in a question when you are surprised that something is done.
eg.  Have you already eaten supper?
You see an empty plate and you know the supper has been eaten.
Have you already finished your homeork?
If you look at the person �s homework and you are surprised to see it has been finished.
You have some type of indication that it is affirmative.

6 Oct 2009     


-Have you already done your homework?
 This sentence implies that asker has been told or has found out that you have finished your homework,so asker becomes suprised,amazed.
-Have you done your homework yet?
 This sentence implies that asker doesn �t know that you have finished your homework.Asker wants to know that you have finished or not.
 Because asker knows that you have finished your homework in the first question and he/she is suprised,you have finished the homework sooner than he/she thought.Thus �Already � means quickly here.
But in the second sentence you haven �t finished your homework earlier than he/she thought.Thus �Yet � implies the time between you began doing your homework and now.Smile

6 Oct 2009     

United States

I think Arlissa and Idalina explain it best.

6 Oct 2009     

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