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ESL forum > Teaching material > help for mixed level class    

help for mixed level class


help for mixed level class


tomorrow i have a class with mixed level class students for one hour and there is nothing in my mind for what to do :)
can you give me any suggestions

6 Oct 2009      

United States

What levels will be in the class? If it is very diverse (advanced with beginner), you could ask the advanced students to prepare a lesson for the beginners. Then, while the advanced are working together on preparing a lesson, you can work with the beginners on a particular subject.

6 Oct 2009     


ONE THING TO DO IN THOSE CASES IS  to make them work in groups according to their level of English.
They all work on the same subject, but on different activities.

For instance, you could work a very short story and prepare different exercises according to level: work with reading comprehension, vocabulary, unscrambling words, sentences,  looking for similar expressions, synonyms,tenses, having to reorder the story, etc... Whereas the more advanced would have time enough to read it and, perhaps, act it out for the rest?...write a dialogue (script) for it...etc.
An intermediate group could prepare exercises for the whole class to solve: puzzles, crosswords, true/false questions, etc  

6 Oct 2009     


I probably would use a video...
I �d ask questions according to level.

6 Oct 2009     


I am working with mixed levels.
The first day, I made a game. I review with them some questions such as, whats your name? How old are you? Where are you from? Am I from America? How do you look like?
Once we had review that I stuck a paper in the back of each student in which appeard a name of a famous person such as Brat Pitt, Heidi, Shakira, Roaldhi�o.... Then they have to make questions to their partners in order to guess who they were. It was really nice.
With smaller students I designed an alphabet, and we learn the alphabet, each one have to colour one letter, at the end they stuck their letters in a big paper, all toguether, and it is a poster of the alphabet in our classroom, that we sing all the days when I came into the class.

6 Oct 2009