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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > reduction in relative clauses    

reduction in relative clauses


reduction in relative clauses
Dear friends,
I �ve got a problem with the topic reduced relative clauses if anybody helps me ,I would be grateful.Thanks in advance.
The thief who stole my wallet was caught by the police.
The thief stealing my wallet was caught by the police.  in the grammar book says the reduction is not correct because the action completed in the past.But there was another sentence in the past simple that was accepted.Could you pls express the reason?

6 Oct 2009      


We can sometimes use a participle clause instead of a full relative clause. We use:

1. A present participle to say what  the person/thing is doing:

The police are very busy fining people for speeding.

2. A past participle to say what is/was done to the person/thing mentioned:

Some kids discovered the stolen money hidden in a garden shed.

Your sentence: The thief, caught by the police, stole my wallet. (I can �t think of another possibility now)

6 Oct 2009     


Why do you want to reduce it? Somehow this particular sentence doesn �t sound good when reduced (that �s just my opinion).

6 Oct 2009