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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Is it possible?    

Is it possible?

El Salvador

Is it possible?
Is it alright to say "I have worked here since 2 years ago" Do native-speakers say it?
What s the difference between: Luggage and Baggage?
The question for: He has got blue eyes = Has he got blue eyes? (Is this the correct question)/ How about the short answer: Yes, he has or Yes he does?

7 Oct 2009      


yes ,he has

7 Oct 2009     


give me a clear picture of say and tell

7 Oct 2009     


Hi Monica, No, you can t say I have worked here since two years ago"....it s either
I have worked here for two years.
I started working here two years ago.
"two years ago" is a PAST time expression, and you can t use the Present Perfect with it. No native speaker would use it.

If the question is "Has he got blue eyes?" the short answer would be "yes he has".

7 Oct 2009     

United States

Hope this helps...

1: Present perfect tense:
since + a specific date (e.g since 2007)   for + a period of time (e.g.   for 2 years)
    Past simple tense: ago (e.g. I went to Italy 2 years ago.)

2: Luggage
( mainly US baggage)

3:  He has got bue eyes: Has he got blue eyes? Yes, he has
     He has blue eyes: Does he have blue eyes? Yes, he does.


7 Oct 2009     


Luggage and baggage are synonyms when they refer to:
- all the cases and bags that you take with you when you travel

Baggage, however can also be used as:
- the beliefs and feelings that you have which influence how you think and behave
e.g. We all carry a lot of emotional baggage (NOT: luggage) around with us.

7 Oct 2009