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English in the Insurance Industry...

New Zealand

English in the Insurance Industry...
My work MIGHT be getting a contract to do English sessions for an insurance company.
Having just finished one contract based around the accounting profession I know that I need to be familiar with terms and phrases etc.. can anyone recommend websites/books/publishers etc that has material specifically for the insurance industry? If the contract goes through I want to be a step ahead and confident that I actually know what I am doing! :-)

After having literally a day and a half last time to plan 30 hours of class teaching material and 50 hours of self study for the accounting group... I am completely exhausted and do not want to be put in that position again..hence the pre planning for the "just in case" scenario...
I have class today so if I don �t reply you know why!!!


7 Oct 2009      


Hi, there.
I don�t know if it�s what you are looking for, but... here they go.
Have a great day/evening

7 Oct 2009     

Pinky Makus

Would any of these help?









7 Oct 2009     

New Zealand

Thank you!!! I have some of these links as I have been trawling the net to find things to make activities! :-) Thank you for your help!!!

7 Oct 2009