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Hi everyone!
I have to make a presentation on how to introduce a song to young learners of English, so im just curious if you could share some of your ideas. For example: how do you introduce new vocabulary, what methods do you use for pre-, during- and post listening. I �m talking about children aged 6-10.
Thank you in advance!

7 Oct 2009      


Hi zabadoo!!! You can always introduce vocabulary with mimic, matching pictures with words, using synonyms (you give half of the class sets of words from the song, and the other half sets of words with synonyms, so they have to find their own pairs; You can also do it with opposites). These are some ideas to introduce new vocabulary...

7 Oct 2009     


Good morning dear colleague!

A good way to give some new vocabulary to the kids is using flashcards. Before they listen any song or story you try to explain the words with pictures and gestures. You can make up a gesture to each word and when they listen to the song is much easier for them to understand. Everytime they listen to the word they do the gesture and will remember its meaning.

You don �t need to explain every single word. Just decide which ones are essential to understand the main story.
When their minds are perfectly clear in each word meaning, they will be able to sing or retell the story by their own.
Good luck in your experience.
Hugs from Portugal.

7 Oct 2009     


I couldn �t have said anything better!

7 Oct 2009